S.Sudanese man stabbed to death by an Egyptian National [Video footage] – RB

A South Sudanese refugee living in Cairo, Egypt was stabbed to death by an Egyptian national on Wednesday evening.

A video footage posted on social media by The Voice shown a man likely an Egyptian stabbed to death a South Sudanese national with a knife. Egyptian authority reportedly arrested the killer on spot. This is not the first story a South Sudanese killed publically in Cairo.

Life for South Sudanese living in the ghettos or other well of areas of Egypt is a nightmare. There have been countless number of discriminatory cases and racism by Egyptian citizens against the South Sudanese community living in Egypt.

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The reason as to why the Egyptian man killed the South Sudanese man is unclear. But sources alleged that it was because the man was black.

Video: Courtesy/The Voice

South Sudan – Egypt relation has been basing on interests. Though Egyptian citizens are subject to no harm while living in South Sudan, the South Sudanese community in Egypt suffer in all dimensions.

Egypt hosts thousands of South Sudanese. Both who fled the war and those who wished and opted to change their lives by moving to Egypt, or living there because of education.

Despite the maltreatment, the South Sudanese government or the embassy in the Arab Republic of Egypt has not even at one time condemned such ugly incident.

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