S.Sudan Security Chief Allegedly in Uganda to Purchase a few Ukrainian Warplanes – Sources

imageresizeFILE PHOTO: Ukrainian plane, source: Africa Intelligence/Ugandan Army

Many diplomats have raised issues concerning the stagnant peace agreement. It is has been months without the Upper Nile State Governor being announced. Despite rejection by the government, the SPLM-IO hold its position staunchly.

Many already said that the peace agreement is collapsed and with the withdrawing of UNMISS forces, there is already a looming highest insecurity which otherwise many perceive to be a transition to a deadliest phase of the ‘never seeming to end’ South Sudanese Conflict.

According to UN special representative of Security Council to South Sudan, David Shearer, UNMISS forces will eventually pull out from camps and the PoCs or Protection of Civilians Sites will no longer be protective areas but camps of which the national government will have the mandate to protect or run their affairs.

“Akol Koor in Uganda for a war planes deal and deputy chief of staff Chol Thon moves forces to Jum Jum, Upper Nile.” A source indicates.

A security source said Chief of National Security Service General Akol Koor is in Uganda, for the third day now, on a visit to seal a deal to procure Ukrainian war planes in a move to circumvent the UN Security Council’s sanctions banning South Sudan from purchasing arms. South Sudan is currently not allowed to purchase arms as UN arms embargo on South Sudan is still running as per the command of the UN Security Council.

The source added that Akol met Ugandan Intelligence Chief to complete the deal, a move that threatens the collapse of the peace agreement signed by the parties to the conflict in South Sudan.

A military source said that the deputy chief of staff General Chol Thon Balok has mobilized oil fields protection militias, as well as Abu Shook militia, in preparation for attack on positions of armed opposition forces led by Dr. Riek Machar, first Vice President of the republic, in Upper Nile.

“The militia forces have been gathered in Jum Jum, Upper Nile, for launching prompt attacks on opposition positions in Wij Panyikan, located in western Upper Nile opposite Malakal town.
It seems President Salva Kiir is intending to end the peace agreement by not appointing Upper Nile Governor so that military operations can resume in that part of the country.”

South Sudan peace process implementation has at least taken two years since it came to light in the September of 2018 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

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