S.Sudan gov. hands Environmental Issue to Egypt, bridging an agreement with UNEP – Suzzane Jambo

FB IMG 16065558773295380Left, Egyptian President Al Sisi, Right, South Sudan President Salva Kiir Mayardit during Egyptian ruler's state visit to South Sudan, November 28th 2020, Photo Courtesy

Egypt, a close ally of the Juba government has been cementing its relation with the war torn nation for at least a decade. While Egypt looks forward to gaining full control of South Sudan’s Nile waters, it rewards South Sudan with scholarships and ‘free’ residency. This relation has however been criticised by many S.Sudanese intellectuals and it is all said to be boiling down to reconstructing of the Jonglei which is basically seen to bring about conditions of dryness to the west of the Nile, affecting areas such as Bentiu and Ruweng severely.

South Sudan’s presidential aspirant aired out her opinion on this relation through a social media handle which was supplied to Ramciel Broadcasting.

“South Sudan government hands over the environmental issue of South Sudan to Egypt because of water and forgot the agreement between South Sudan and United Nations Environmental Programmes (UNEP) has been active in South Sudan since 2009, engaged in creating and developing environmental awareness on a national scale to support the government and the people of South Sudan. UNEP has a wells established partnership with the Government of South Sudan, and works closely with the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Cooperatives and Rural Development.

UNEP led the “Juba Clean and Green” campaign in 2010 which made major headlines in South Sudan and helped to put environmental issues on the agenda of the government, the UN community and the citizens of Juba, the capital and the largest city in the country. More recently, South Sudan celebrated World Environment Day, on June 5th 2015, with a host of celebrations ranging from tree planting to an exhibition. UNEP, in partnership with the Food and Agriculture Organization and in collaboration with the Ministry of Energy, Dams, Water Resources & Irrigation, and the Ministry of Environment, Government of South Sudan, has also recently released five new publications, addressing issues of water harvesting and aiming to reduce conflicts between communities for water during the dry season.

Today, UNEP maintains its focus on environmental management through three major areas:
-Environmental governance;
-Community management of natural forests;
-Solid waste management.
UNEP remains committed to working with the Government of South Sudan to help ensure the country’s sustainable development into the future.

UNEP’s work in South Sudan is currently funded by the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation.

Based on evolving environmental needs, the priorities set by the Government of South Sudan, and the availability of funding, UN Environment will develop a portfolio of projects and programmes in South Sudan.

For more information on UNEP’s activities in South Sudan, that is why Egyptian government are taking the issue South Sudan seriously whether South Sudan Will hand over waterline to Egypt or Egyptian Will reunite South and North again by any way insecurity or politicians”

Egypt is currently on issues concerning the Ethiopia mega dam (GERD) which it sees as a threat to its existence. Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia have failed to agree on issues concerning the DAM and the talks have been suspended till further notice.

Meanwhile, Ethiopia is at war with itself, Sudan says it will not negotiate any time soon.

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