S. Sudan Business Union spearheads action to force traders to reduce prices

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The South Sudan Business Union headed by Ayii Duang has this morning kicked off thorough ‘probe’ into hyperinflation.

Storming the markets such as Customs, Suk Juba, Konyo Konyo and Jebel, traders are faced with no choice as agents of the government pounce on their backs.

The key exercise is to force traders and shop owners to reduce the prices of goods that have shot high in the recent weeks, and nearly doubling the usual prices.

Despite the forceful lowering of exchange rate of SSP against the US-Dollar from 1SSP: $380 as an order from the President Slavs Kiir, the prices of the commodities remain high and it is described as hyperinflation.

Speaking to Ramciel Broadcasting, Mayang, a 24 year trader at Custom has said that a serious force of selling of commodities at a cheaper price is being engineered by the government agents.

“They came very early today to first see the situation then they would ask how much you are selling your things then you say your price which is of course high. If you refuse to reduce, then they force you to close.” He said.

The Business Union is also persuading and warning the traders that they could risk being jailed for keeping the prices of their goods high prior to reduction of dollar.

The Business Union initially gave the traders 72hrs to reduce the prices or ele face the consequences.

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