Rock City’s murdered children: The question of justice two months later – RB

emmanuelFILE PHOTO/SUPPLIED: Emmanuel Babu Lokirir, the prime suspect of the murder case.


  • Who is Emmanuel Babu Lokiri?
  • Why did he murdered the innocent children?
  • The incident took place in the earliest day of August
  • What happened to Emmanuel Babu Lokiri?
  • Were the parents of the children contented with the public distancing itself after asking the public to do so and why?

After a tremendous outrage from South Sudanese from all walks of life, the National Police Service (NPS) of South Sudan came out to handle the matter, identifying Emanuel Babu Lokiri, a Juba University Medical student as the prime suspect who committed what seemed the worst familicide ever committed in South Sudan.


According to the mother of the slaughtered children, at the time, it was of bad gesture for people across South Sudan to engage in what she referred to as a thing non family members should comment on. The uncle of the Children, a pastor, also came out live on Facebook to beg citizenry not to share or comment about the matter on social media as it was adding salt to the wound.

On 13th of August, the Inspector General of Police Gen. Akech confirmed to the public that the suspect was caught and that justice will be served.

But the mystery which still lingers in the mind of many ordinary citizens are the questions of why, how and what. The why here simply refers to as to why the murderer decided to kill the children of the Upper Nile University’s professor. How could he do that? and what will the law do to. This though seem to be out of curiosity, it tells the confidence of the citizens on the justice system.

While early reports suggested that the man was mentally unstable and that he was somewhat related to the family and that he did it for revenge of which for whatever reason nobody knows, the verdict that waits or the unknown that may be will probably shock the masses is yet to be capitalized on for public comments. And at the moment, the mystery of full investigation report, whether will be it released or not, is still a big deal given that the justice system of the nation has always been in question.  

Though the early August scenes were ugly across the country, the murdering of the Rock City children was news that was not well received. It outraged every person with a feeling of humanity. But the greater part is bestowed on the law enforcement officers to answer what really took place for public to may be confident of safety of their children around the neighborhood.

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