Riek Machar’s Invisible Hands Behind the Deadly Fighting Among Cieng-Chuol Duong Community Of Ulang County

FVP Dr. RIEK Machar test positive for COVID 19FVP Dr. RIEK Machar test positive for COVID 19

Opinion by Gathak Pal

After conducted a thorough investigation into what led to the deadly fighting among the youth of Cieng-Chuol Duong, the Upper Nile Observer, found proven pieces of evidence, implicated Riek Machar as the mastermind behind the whole horrified deadly violence incident that befallen Cieng-Duong community in Ulang County last week, multiple sources with direct knowledge of the situation have revealed.

Riek Machar was described by a confidential source as that he erupted into euphoria and felt with intense excitement, owing to the fact that the community, which deadly fought against itself in Ulang, is the main community where Duer Tut Duer hails from.

Duer is a potent political challenger of Riek Machar, within the SPLM/SPLA-IO politics. He is a prominent senior SPLM-IO member and the former governor of the defunct Sobat state under 21 states of the SPLM/SPLA-IO structure. He is currently playing a leading role in advocating and challenging Riek Machar’s perpetual weakness and failure of leadership roles in the affairs of the SPLM/SPLA-IO system.

For that reason, Machar increasingly becomes highly apprehensive and unnerving about the political challenge presented by Duer Tut Duer, making him appear to be experiencing an episode of paranoia.

Furthermore, observers who are familiarized with Riek Machar’s governing policies stated that, Machar’s fundamental weakness and failure of leadership since 1991 is deeply rooted in his veins, his character, and as well as his timid nature, which is reflected in the manner in which he approaches and manages political affairs as he appears indifferent, making him a sort of a chronic sore loser of all time, regardless of which political events he participated in. There is no tiny iota of leadership in his veins. He is an empty vessel.

Since entering the political scene in 1991, some 30 years ago, Riek Machar’s most single source of achievable objective in his leadership, has been a continuous cycle of catastrophic destructions, crisis, and killings among sections of the Nuer communities across the Nuerland, pitting clans against clans, brothers against brothers, families against families.

Therefore, the violent incident which took place in Ulang County last week was not happened by an accident, but by a design. It’s an evil agenda, premeditated and executed by Riek Machar himself, when he dispatched a disciples team of evil goons from Juba, instructed them to go to Ulang area, to purposely inciting a destructive act of violence in the same community Duer Tut Duer come from, trying to pitting them against each other and divide them along the family line or along thokduel line, to properly put it in Thoknaath.

Machar has an agenda whose aim is to manipulate and create a  confusing and chaotic situation that precipitated ordinary people to violence, killing themselves so that they will be distracted from the real issue, which is the real problem of his leadership weaknesses and failures, which have been continued to pose a great danger, miseries, and sufferings in the Nuer society since 1991.

However, as Machar understands now that he is being rejected by the numerical majority of the Nuer society, due to his chronic failures and weaknesses of leadership, his sole objective now is to stir up this kind of destructive and deadly violence, not only in Ulang communities but also across the Nuerland as a whole.

An inside source, well-versed with Machar politics, disclosed that Riek Machar is a political con man, who tends to play tricks and deceptions to purposely create political chaos and confusions among people, convincing them to believe in things that are not true in nature, and making them fall for political misconceptions, which appear to significantly benefit himself and his associates politically, in the expense of the ordinary people.

Some of the main violent events Riek Machar have masterminded and instigated among sections of the Nuer communities in the recent past, as a result of his leadership failures and confusions are presented below:

* Riek Machar, instigated a violence outbreak in Maiwut County, pitting communities, brothers, families, against each other.

* Riek Machar, masterminded intra-communal fighting among communities in Akobo county, pitting brothers against brothers, families against families.

* Riek Machar, incited a violence outbreak in communities in Fangak county, pitting brothers against brothers, families against families.

* Riek Machar, incited a violence crisis in the communities in Panyajiar County, pitting brothers, families against one another.

In the final analysis, the level of crisis and violence Riek Machar has been instigated and continues to instigate, among sections of the Nuer communities across the Nuerland is far significantly greater and dangerous, to be taken lightly.

Therefore, Naath people, in general, needed to be warned and must be prepared for what worse is yet to come next, among their communities across the Nuerland, as Riek Machar will continue to sending his evil team from Juba to keep inciting violence among peaceful Naath communities, as they did in Ulang County.

Understand that, no single community in Naath society will be saved from Riek Machar’s strategic act of destruction as he knows full well that he is losing support across Nuerland, due to his selfish interest.

Having willfully surrendered himself under the guardianship of President Salva Kiir, who genocided his people, Riek Machar understands that he has nothing to lose now, and therefore, he will use every tool at his disposal, to divide, breakdown and destroy the social fabric of the Naath society, for selfish gains. He has no genuine concerns and sympathies for the survivors of the genocide, who are now stuck and languishing in the UNIMISS camps for the past 8 years across South Sudan, mainly in the cities and towns such as Juba, Malakal, Bor, Rupkotna, and Wau.

Besides, Riek Machar does not even care that he is the reason why these innocent people fled for their dear lives to the UNIMISS camps in the first place in 2013, that it’s due to the war he intentionally provoked in order to gain back his Vice Presidential post.

By the way, these UNIMISS camps in South Sudan, are actually typical designated Modern Day Concentration Camps under Nazi Germany, during World War Two.

So, understandably, Machar is a radiated cancer, uncured and continues spreading like a wildfire in the Naath society. He is an embodiment of destructions across the Nuerland. His evil and destructive influence and divisive policies in the Naath society needed to get rid of, in order for the Naath to be a unified, peaceful, and organized society, capable of competing with the rest of humanity in this technological modern world!


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