By Dr Akot Makur Maluac

May 21, 2020 (RB), The end results and implications of these ongoing political changes within the R-TGONU for international and other forms of conflicting interests are highly uncertain benefiting a subject that, is this new and dynamic. Will the information drilled within the R-TGONU be a new but subordinate facet of war fare in which the South Sudan and it’s hungry Politicians intensifies their own potential ground space vulnerabilities and gain and sustain whatever tactical strategic military advantages that might be available in this arena?

In response to the situations and the current uncertainties, the pandemic has tried it’s best to play a greater role, role of self isolation, health deterioration, and more in which Riek has gotten time and space to plan another Crucifixion of Civil populations. But to be specific, there is no an excuse that any person goes publicly to testify that he is tested positive with a wife; besides that, the whole cabinet body.
Are they also his wives? Just think about that.

President Kiir should wake up and see what’s up with the roles and plans of the R-TGONU as a claimed governing body.
RIEK MACHAR killed General Marial Nuor because he knows that he is a big cock when it comes to war tactics and plans.
RIEK MACHAR is planning to get out of the country the fact that he has requested for medical attention.The current conflicts between the Nuer Lou and Murle is advantageous to him silently. Now that the HLTF was formed by RIEK MACHAR as means of dissecting the governing R-TGONU,he will by any means find ways to try and over throw the IG body. And when he is outside,he and the wife will be directing their IO Generals to fight again.
That was the reason he appointed a wife as Chief of Defense.

And the fact that they have gotten access to all the Government routes,it will be easy for them to capture the town if they plan to wage another war,and now that we are faced with the tendencies of a networking age, if we looked upon these changes merely from a civil perspective and no military preparations, we would undoubtedly find ourselves biased and shortsighted.

President Kiir should look into the daily rise of patients tested positive for Coronavirus, this is Riek’s military plan of sending away the strong Generals.
Bhar-el-ghazal should be alert this time.

The views express in this article are sole opinion of the write.

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