Revenge attack leaves 5 women dead as intercommunal clashes surge – Lakes State

At least five women have been confirmed dead in intercommunal clashes between Pagok and Ayiel sections of the Gok community of Lakes State today.

The clashes which started Thursday are still ongoing despite the governor of Lakes State, Makur Kulang warning communities this month of engaging in such conflicts or clashes.

Speaking to Radio Tamazuj, the police acting commissioner of the defunct Gok state Machar Muorwel said the conflict has now moved to areas outside Cueibet County and has already killed five women from both sides. Several others are injured.

“Three women and two girls have been killed and the fighting this morning of Friday is going on in Agangrial,” Muorwel said.

He added the attack follows a cattle raid on Thursday.

“The cause of revenge against the women was due to cattle raiding on Thursday where armed youth from Ayiel section went to Guaru cattle camp and raided cattle from the neighboring community of Pagok, killing one woman,” said Machar Muorwel.

Lakes State is one of the areas engulfed by intercommunal violence in South Sudan.

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