Restoring the Potential: The South Sudan We Dream of

Displaced people who have fled the recent fighting between government and rebel forces in South Sudan. Ben Curtis/Associated PressDisplaced people who have fled the recent fighting between government and rebel forces in South Sudan. Ben Curtis/Associated Press

Restore the Potential: The Art Of adjustment

South Sudan is a top world class promising nation. Considering her vast categories of wealth, she is one to be looked up to although she’s down. The country is a potential business harbor. It’s the third leading oil producer in Africa, imports timber to the international market, tourism and excretion potential is part and parcel.

South Sudan has a vast agricultural land and minerals. The population of the country is favorable to its economical pace and the market is gigantic.

“How is this country down? Why?” “Hasn’t anyone started to up the economy already?” This country has petroleum, iron ore, copper, chromium oryzin, tungsten, mica, silver, gold, diamonds, hardwoods, limestone and Hydro Electric Power.

The economy of this country should be top list! But considerably, the political stability of this country is limping. How bad? Its recovering slowly can rebrand the country. East Africa needs a kingpin market that’s well rounded. South Sudan has similar characteristics with Dubai when it comes to business realm. But It is also different because it is ten times better.

Let’s take a look at who we are, where we are and what we have: We are a people of diverse cultures, not very educated but very work-oriented.(And you don’t need a degree to be financially free!). We are a talent scattered about, history and many more that can be superbly appealing to the entertainment industry. Where are we? Africa. The Nilers! or others suggest, we are Cushites? To put it correct, Kushities.

We are at a historically rich zone. Lets keep it to that dot although it is vast. What do we have? A population. Hungry youth being wasted by tribal wars and its consequences. We have an agricultural land, that is vast and well capable than Uganda and Kenya combined. Some says, Rwanda added into. We have tourists destinations and a deep culture to explore ,let’s say Wakanda is less appealing. But again, let’s look at why we are where we are!

Any country that does not invest in its youths fumbles. We are a lazy people overconfident about what we could have instead of really getting what we could and can have…our thoughts are “shallow and grounded” to political merry go rounds, its alleged. Merits demand reciprocity ,they call for work with intention of progress not comparison against tribal capability.

Why do we have a vast land fertile for agricultural uses and only 4.5 percent of it is in use? Because people are not just overconfident, they are dreaming of fancy without effort and if any efforts then a slowing one.

Simplicity is the mother of all inventions, it is also the mother of all progress. Our economy would accelerate if we focus our investments in simple businesses. Juba is full of banks, and one food industry…a brewery. Why? Fancy! We have airlines and the country barely has nothing to trade within. Fantasy! Here is a suggestion and simply what any investor would suggest;

-Expand the 4.5 % fertile land in use to 50% in a year. That will solve 80 percent of your problems you have in the country. Food security is a gateway to economic productivity and unleashing human resources and potential. Employment rates will skyrocket, youths dormancy solved and food insecurity solved. Invention.

The fish industry, livestock farming and afforestation are simple but major investments we can invest in. That’s for the basics, but solves half the problems and compliments the fancy we try to initiate in. This indeed is not just good but affordable considering the personnel our country can afford.

The minerals, these are things our government and major corporations can help the country benefit from in a few years time. Petroleum can handle a lot of our economical burdens. Combined with the basics we have had earlier, we are beating major economies in East Africa in Half a decade.

Away from the political wrangle in the world’s young nation, men and women in the position of power in South Sudan can not handle to implement the above design expectations or ball-up and think for the generations to come. They bought big, fancy houses outside that land. Sent their kids to most expensive schools in East Africa. Europe. America. India and China to say the least. preparing them to inherit the system they designed.

The cards must be played well if we tend to win. Our economy is self sufficient if we endorse the simple .Mining, fishery ,farming and livestock keeping can be a game changer if rightly looked into.

Having a potential like that means watching out for it not to go waste. Restore!



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