Response to yesterday’s defection report

lou nuer welcoming taban deng ghai in yuailou nuer welcoming taban deng ghai in yuai

Nyang Mar Thoah,

First of all, politics is broadly defined to let someone go for their political interest fulfilment. Political parties do not possess communities despite having their members from respective parts of a nation.

Lou Nuer community is a social entity that is an institution to all its sons and daughters. And no members of any national political party are entitled to claim to own it, despite the majority who are leaning their political allegiance to a particular party.

During the liberation era, my community has been used to fight on many fronts, and later on is forgotten per all efforts they exerted for those political parties. From 1984-2005, as a community, we chose to keep off Arabic Lou Nuer society, yet after the CPA accord no reward paid to us; this left Bieh lacking both primary & secondary schools along with rampant and frequent attacks from neighboring communities. And unseen marginalization continued up to date.

Historically, the Lou Nuer community is known for the production of great politicians nationally-recognized yet none of those elites would play a smart political card to reach an epicenter of national power where decisions are made for young peoples’ empowerment.

The young people’s empowerment policy prepares a nation for a better future in terms of education, employment opportunities and development aspect.

Coming to yesterday’s report of a certain group of collected individuals who bear Lou Nuer birthright identity, having them said the political grievances that are facing Lou Nuer during 2014-2021, it was not a bad move in my analytical opinion.

My disagreement with them is doing what will not bring Lou Nuer a national share from the groups they might have struck a deal with them. We don’t run after others but others would come to seek our help!

Many of other South Sudanese have been switching sides of their political allegiances to SPLM mainstream’s branches; and, all in all, it’s treated and received as a political business as usual.

In conclusion, next time when you decided to leave any of SPLM sub parties in the name of Borchaar community, let your message be that, Lou Nuer community in a physical munloal are lacking schools, hospitals, food security, youth empowerment projects and women empowerment in livelihoods.

Talking of military ranks & political appointments are not the biggest deals needed to be heard by we, the Lou Nuer sons & daughters who are for a national development in Bieh society of all Gaatdinay in that giant land.

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