Response to Gatluak Kang’s Allegation against H.E Duer Tut Duer, the upcoming Chairman & C-In-C of the SPLM/A-(IO)

CDE. BOTH YIECH YAT, SPLM-IO Chapter Chairman in the Arab Republic of Egypt.CDE. BOTH YIECH YAT, SPLM-IO Chapter Chairman in the Arab Republic of Egypt.
SPLM-IO Chapter Chairman in the Arab Republic of Egypt
When the Agreement (The ARCSS) was signed on August 17th 2015 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and on 26th August, 2015 in Juba, South Sudan. The all SPLM-IO Governors, Politicians, and military Commanders were ordered by Riek Machar to go to the capital, Juba, for Implementation of the Agreement with the SPLM-IG elites, in spite the fact that, the Security Arrangements was not ready to work for the Warring Parties to commence the formation of the National Unity Government.
So the an expected J1_Dogfight erupted between the SPLA-IO forces and the SPLA-IG Militias (SSPDF), in the presidential palace, on July 8th/2016, which forced the failed IO chairman Riek Machar to withdraw from Juba, and ran up to DRC Congo on foots.
Then by that time, several SPLM-IO Senior Leaders remained in the Crown Hotel where they were accommodated at, such as Cdr. Alfred Lado who was the deputy chairman, Cdr. Duer Tut, Cdr. Duop Lam and the current Vice President, Gen. Taban Deng Gai, who had immediately declared himself as an Alternative to replace Machar and to continue with the implementation of the ARCSS as a IO Chairman from within, Although Riek Machar and some SPLM-IO leaders were already chased out from Juba, by the same Government, towards South Sudan – Congolese border.
H.E Duer Tut proceeded to Cairo, Egypt [ Under the pretext that he was sick and traveling for treatment ] Which was discovered by me and many comrades here as a;
-Plan to leave the sin city  Juba. That’s why he didn’t returned there until Riek came and sign another fragile peace deal ( R-ARCSS ).
– I as (Both Yiech) met with H.E Duer Tut upon his arrival to Cairo, because I was at that time the SPLM-IO Youth League Chairman in Egypt, in 2017, whom Gatluak claimed to have found out some information from them against the great revolutionary and visionary leader, H.E Duer Tut Duer, and i had asked Duer on the failure of the two Warring Parties to implement the ARCSS, and why Riek machar didn’t accepted their advises in Pagak before going to Juba, if he was actually for the cause and mission of the People’s Movement.
-The Leaked that led me to support H.E Duer Tut Duer up to date are as follow;
1- He was the last SPLM-IO Governor who had traveled to Juba in July 2016, because he was so critics to the illicit execution of the ARCSS and as the Régime was not ready to implement the ARCSS, due to clear withholding of the President Kiir to sign the Agreement on August 17th, 2015, in Addis Ababa. And this can give an accurate evident to any sound minded Comrade that, Governor Duer is not a Position Seeker but a strong People’s leader with Vision and Mission of Freedom & Change!
2- H.E Duer has realized that, Riek Machar is a betrayer and will ultimately failed, since he doesn’t care about the Security Sector, future generations and compensation of the War Victims, that’s why he didn’t signed a peace that would look like the CPA of the late Dr. John Garang de Mabior (The founder of SPLM).
3- Duer told me that his strategies & plans are bigger for the Governorship Position of an Area or so called defunct state, thus, he MUST Wait for the Right Time to lead the People’s Movement (SPLM/A-IO) towards Victory and genuine Peace, because the current chairman (riek) has failed for good, and doesn’t has plan B, C or D.
My Question:
If Gatluak is acquainted that, Riek was chased out from Juba because the Government doesn’t want to implement the ARCSS of 2015, .. So why he (dr.Riek) retuned back to the same genocidal Régime at the Moment with new Agreement (R-ARCSS) that has no Security Warrants??
#My MESSAGE about brother Gatluak Kang Chol is that;
-Gatluak is a younger brother of Puot Kang Chol, the Minister of Petroleum in the R-TGONU, who has share in the country’s Oil money or Incomes. That’s why this junior is fighting fiercely, defaming leaders, to protect their illegal privilege. Even if he has no clue about Politics.
-Gatluak is an ordinary Nuerwew not a Member of the SPLM-IO since he has been residing in the house of a Government Official in Kampala, Uganda, for studies, for about 8years there. Meanwhile has just shown up recently as a new SPLM-IO MEMBER on social media, when his dear brother got an access to become a Minister through Dhurgon’s failed family leadership in Juba.
Therefore, I would like to advice our junior comrades to understand it clear that, the fight for REFORM & genuine Peace must AND will be the priority OF every Citizen rather than running after temporary Positions like Riek Machar and his loyalists. Let us be the men of legacy and dignity as we are striving for Change & Liberty in the world’s youngest nation. And I’m quite sure that, H.E Duer Tut Duer will Always stand for Free, Equal and a Prosperous South Sudan as we Seek.
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