Respond to the article published by Nyamilepedia concerning the accusations laid on me that I said Ambassador Telar was denied medical access and poisoned 

Career politician and prominent Lawyer, late Telar Ring Deng/photo: suppliedCareer politician and prominent Lawyer, late Telar Ring Deng/photo: supplied
Brig. Gen. Gabriel Bol Anuer
Dear public, kindly have me your attention to explain to you about what I’m accused of, about the death of Amb. Telar Deng.
I surprisingly got news trending on social media that I said “Amb. Telar was denied medical access and was poisoned” which is a big propaganda.
The family of late Ambassador accepted the fact that he died of covid-19 as Ambassador himself announced his illness on 24th Dec 2020, hence, I don’t see a reason I can expose such a propaganda when the world have witnessed what led to demise of Amb. Telar.
The family of Ambassador also has educated persons that can tell the truth about his death, not me.
Late Amb. Telar is a public figure where by anything that happens to him has to be announced officially not in such a manner I am accused of.
I therefore see it as an attempt to mess the top leadership of SPLM/A-IO and SPLM-IG. But nothing of that kind should be brought into passing on of Ambassador Telar. Peace is what we want despite the circumstances we are getting through.
Ambassador has died of covid-19 and that’s all I know. Or else, the immediate family of the Late Amb. Telar and the SPLM/A (IO) leadership will inform the public if there is invisible hand behind the demise of our leader; not me.
Pay attention not to that propaganda.
I’m more than saddened because of his demise and I expects to be condone instead of increasing pains.
The death of Amb. Telar is a big lost to South Sudan at large not only to SPLM/A (IO) or people of Yirol.
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