Researcher puzzled by F.V. President’s congratulatory message on Cdr. William Nyuon Bany’s murder | The Archives

A researcher who pondered over old files, has discovered what he considers as a heart breaking letter ever been written before.

In the letter which was extended to Ramciel Broadcasting by the source, the former South Sudan Independence Movement/Army (SSIM/A) leader, Dr. Riek Machar Teny, congratulated Cdr. Elijah Hontop whose forces allegedly stormed the hideout of Cdr. William Nyuon Bany and killed him near phow.

The death of William Nyuon has been a mystery and there are a lot of confusion on who actually killed him.

Many people today still celebrate CDR.William Nyuon Bany as one of the founding fathers of the nation. The Chief Staff of SPLA during Dr. Garang’s time was famously known for never defecting to the the Northern Government during the liberation struggle, an act which earned him huge respect among many of his peers and as well as the generations that followed.

According to the researcher, knowing the history could pave a way for pure reformation and ending the cycle of confusion about what really transpired and what exactly took place between SPLM members and their rivals during the liberation days.

“Evidence are of great value. They help shape the history,” he said.

(Photo: Courtesy. Cdr. William Nyuon Bany)

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