Renk residents furious; burnt warehouse over ‘discriminatory employment’ by the NGOS

IMG 20201023 WA0039Supplied Letter of Joint Press Statement

A group of Youths in Renk, Upper Nile State have in the last few days been protesting the discriminatory tactics of employment used by both the locals and international NGOs.

According to sources, the youths were furious over jobs that have been ‘taken’ by foreigners of which they see to best suit them.

They pressured World Vision and other NGOs through protests which have been ongoing to leave the county.

This came after years of over pleading to be employed after attaining academic qualifications and necessary skills to work in various fields offered by the NGOs operating in the county.

Below is a press statement condemning the burning of warehouse in Renk over lack of employment.

IMG 20201023 WA0039

“The youths are not happy because they are not being employed and discriminated by the NGOs operating in Renk” Said Deng, a former NGO employee who currently works with the government.

Most NGOs in South Sudan preferably employ non-citizens and this is a case which is for a very long time over looked according to the locals.

Some of the NGOs have been as well accused of corruption which includes bribery by the Job seekers.

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