Regretting man wants church refund all his offerings; saying hell scared him

A Kenyan man identified as Dishon Kinyanjui has written to his church a ‘never written before’ letter demanding to be refunded all offerings he contributed to church from a near 20 year period.

According to his letter, the church ‘threatened’ him by bringing up the biblical narrative of hell.

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Surprisingly, his decision was greatly seconded by netizens with some wishing to have done the same.

The concept of tithes and offerings in Christianity has long been seen as a way of soliciting money from individuals.

Many pastors and religious leaders have become rich at the expense of tithes and offerings with some living a wealthy life while others having private jets like Joel Oosteen which contradicts their Christian beliefs.

Many scholars have argued that the church is keeping or rather contributing to impoverishment of Africa.

But many are still on the front line, dedicating their lives to their religious beliefs.

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