Red Card Movement Once Again Shakes President Kiir

May 25, 2020 (RB), The Red Card Movement once again pushed the country’s president to come out and address the nation concerning his health. Some members of the prominent youth movement began the circulation of president Kiir’s demise on Friday evening forcing Kiir to come out on Monday morning shaking.

In his address on Monday, President Kiir cursed the youth and wished them death as well.

Muslim Gore a vicious outspoken member of the Red Card Movement pushed the conspiracy forward when he posted the video online speculating the death of the president.

Speaking to Muslim from Florida, he said his objective was not to wish the president death, but he was concerned about his health; thus, pushing for him to come out.

Muslim said that they will soon organise a protest if states government are not formed by next week. He blames Kiir of failing to run the nation as expected.

Another prominent futuristic youth leader, Elbow Chuol, also a member of the peaceful youth group posted on Friday that Kiir is infected with Coronavirus. This triggered the speculation that Kiir as per his health was concerned, he could die any time.

Several social media outlets began to circulate the news of Kiir either being in Cairo or outside the country.

An attempt to reach Elbow Chuol on Monday for comment was fruitless.

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