RCM Kicked off “Kiir Must Resign” Campaign, Call For 20,000 Youth to Peacefully Raise Up

RCM members protest in Nairobi, Kenya. Several were arrested.RCM members protest in Nairobi, Kenya. Several were arrested.

May 29, 2020 (RB), RCM, the youth peaceful movement is carrying out a massive campaign targeting over 20,000 youth to raise up demanding for the president Salve Kiir to resign. 

The youth are enraged by recent mishandling of pandemic, intercommunal violence, failure to the implementation of the peace agreement, and the massive displacement of civilians, among others.

Speaking to Garang Pouljor the president of the Movement from Nairobi, Kenya, he said that they are tired and sick to see things running like the way they are in the world’s young nation.

“SPLM under president Kiir abandoned what Dr. John Garang had envisioned. You see the nation is divided, people are dying and no stability. All this is because Kiir’s leadership failed the people of South Sudan” Kiir has to resign as soon as possible to save the nation, he added.

Puot Tap Riak an enthusiastic revolutionary young man called upon the youth “to tell a Revolutionary to tell a Revolutionary that the second Of South Sudan is going to be announced soon” in what he believed as the only alternative to change.

Muslim Gore who came up with the theory of “Kiir’s Dead” in social media this week is also an architect to this new call.

“I am not surprised that the president is still alive. Which is ok but let him resign. He messes the nation and his time is up” He told RB.

Twarfic Zuruf, a powerful voice which is part of the team, warned that failure for Kiir to resign will set the nation into a path that it will never retreat from.

However, the youth seem to have some support within powerful military generals in South Sudan coupled by unrevealed politicians within and outside the country.

Asked Garang where the source of their support is, he however failed to reveal saying “the will of the people” is their support.

Red Card Movement’s members last year faced government brutality because they called for a protest to remove Kiir out of power. The movement was silent since the end of 2019 because its members were persecuted across East Africa. But the youthful movement seems to be organised and is back bigger and better. 

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