RCM campaign of ‘Kiir Must Go’ responded with a ‘Kiir Must Stay’ song by a Yirol Star | RB

A popular musician in his home town who sings in his dialect, released a controversial song entitled ‘Kiir Must Stay’ following his last visit to J1.

Bilpam Akech who hails from Yirol, Lakes State notified his followers on Facebook two days before he dropped the ‘hit’ on his YouTube account on July 7th. The artist wrote:

“Breaking news straight from Bilpam Akech
It’s massive so tight your seat belt for the video. The loading is 99% #KirrMustStay official Video it will be uploaded on YouTube tomorrow be the first to watch,share and subscribe to my YouTube channel. Thank you #peaceandlove”

In his song, the artist reminds people of how far the President has come and the things that he achieved which includes his struggle through liberation days. He also criticized ‘indirectly’ those who are against the president of which in this case, Red Card Movement’s campaign of ‘Kiir Must Go’ surfaces which is otherwise the opposite of the song title.

The Red Card Movement (RCM) has been waging campaigns and protests; asking the President to resign with claims that he has failed to lead the nation well.

The nonviolent youth group has been on the forefronts and among the nonviolent groups that protests President Kiir’s adminstration that have been perceived by many citizens as ‘horror’

The RCM President, Makoi Majak still calls upon the youths to join him and his group to wage non violent protests against the adminstration of H.E. President Salva Kiir with a hope to transform the nation after the president’s resignation. RCM campaigns have never rested.

With less skeptics from many other citizens, RCM is said to be of a highly at risk group with at least sources saying that the security agents are always pursuing its members.

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