Somalia recalls its Amb. to Kenya and orders Kenya’s Amb. to leave.


Somalia recalls its Ambassador to Kenya Maxamed Nuur, orders Kenya’s Ambassador Lucas Tumbo out in protest over interference with its internal affairs.

In a letter seen by RB, the Federal Republic of Somalia accused the Kenyan government of meddling in its internal affairs.

The letter:

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The two neighboring nations relations have been fragile since Kenyan Defense Forces (KDF) engaged in security enforcement by fighting Al Shaabab more than 7 years ago.

Since then, Somalia has been accusing Kenyan forces of abandoning their primary goal of fighting Al Shaabab and advancing other interests in Somalia of which the Kenyan government denied.

The two nations are also in contest of maritime territory in the Indian Ocean which Somalia said it is within its borders while Kenya argues that the territory is hers.

So far, no agreement or solution is arrived at concerning whose Martine territory it is worrying international community of a possible warfare engagement between both countries.

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