President Salva Kiir have done what he knows best “cornered SPLM/A-IO leader to comply with his manipulative choices”

President of South Sudan Salva Kiir Mayardit and his FVP Dr. Riek Machar Teny in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia/photo: The EconomicPresident of South Sudan Salva Kiir Mayardit and his FVP Dr. Riek Machar Teny in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia/photo: The Economic

By: Koang T.  Nyoak

After six (6) months and 23 days finally Upper Nile’s governor was appointed on January 29,2021 after a long deadlock and rope pulling between President Salva Kiir and his First Vice President Dr. Riek Machar.

However, the two peace partners allowed room for violation of Comprehensive Peace Agreement that they both signed. In a peace agreement document as we all read there is no article indicating that other party to the peace agreement should refused or demand changes on other party’s choice of nominee.

If that was the case, how many times will Dr. Riek Machar sacrifice to rescue peace in South Sudan for expenses of SPLM/A-IO, while his partner to the very peace agreement President Salva Kiir care least.

Frankly speaking Salva Kiir won the game that he has demanded Dr. Machar to change his popular nominee for governor of Upper Nile State Gen. Johnson Olony who was a favorited choice in SPLM/A-IO both political and military wings alike was dump.

However, if a person could ask is Hon. Budhok Ayang Kur is a right person for Upper Nile governorship, the answer may vary but he had never been a first choice for SPLM/A-IO and indeed not popular choice for people of Upper Nile.

Therefore, his state leadership will loom with many questions and mistrust, because it seems like a push for him being appointed to Upper Nile governor position bear influence from President Salva Kiir, JCE, and other who have different interest and motive to make SPLM/A-IO less effective or influential as a party in the state though IO’s chairman made a pick. In that regards his leadership will face many challenges.

What could have been a meaningful peace in South Sudan?  In my own opinion if there was power balance in term of security arrangement.  However, it isn’t the case since SPLA-IO’s force isn’t present in Juba or major cities and unify army and police never graduated that leave SPLM/A- IO member vulnerable to stay on foot when negotiating.

Instead, government force has been attacking IO’s positions, training centers and sabotage any progress made by: (starving, limit medical supply, and least training to trainees) and that added hopelessness to a cripple condition.

My fellow South Sudanese and Upper Nilean let take a deep breath and think well about this great nation/state of our, Upper Nile had been and still will be historical state and a breadwinner state for South Sudan in terms of natural resources such as: oil, agriculture, fishery, gold and more.

Yet, it has been least developed state in the entire nation. Nevertheless, others wish it a bad luck you have witnessed after President Salva Kiir appointed nine (9) state governors and left Upper Nile in limbo for six (6) months and 23 days without proper leadership that could unite the citizens as peace agreement is concerns.

That alone have shown us an intention of a devil wishing Upper Nile communities to continuous war among themselves.

Therefore, I hope this time around Upper Nilean unite and learn from living example and reject outsiders’ divisive plans to keep Upper Nile community’s enemies to one another because that was/is what sustain them to power.

Upper Nile belong to all: Nuer, Dinka, Shilluk, Maban, and Kumo tribes no less, no superior we are all equal periods. If some have evil thoughts that they had leverage or advantage to demand more and make disturbance calculations; that alone will backfire believe me or not that is a fact.

Let us pass our time in peaceful manner, clock is ticking things will gradually change perhaps in better or worse and I always wishing for the best but will depend in how we act and our affiliation to these “cabal” who wanted to take us down with them.

Together say no for outsider agenda, say no for division of the Upper Nile Citizens, and say no, for self-promoting agenda! Let clean our home and block any hidden agenda because is not heathy.

Thanks, and may God bless South Sudan, and may God bring peace to Upper Nile State.

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