President Museveni tells Ugandans he is building roads in S.Sudan as country marks a milestone

IMG 20201009 WA0027File Photo/Courtesy: President Museveni.

The President of Uganda, H.E. Yoweri K. Museveni has said he is building infrastructure elsewhere which he named as South Sudan and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

This was today earlier during his speech at State House, Kampala on the event of 58th Scientific Independence Celebrations.

According to him, it is all in good shape for international relations promotion and as well as infrastructural development for the benefit of Ugandan people.

Museveni hilariously stated that such undertakings will profit the Ugandan citizens who live and work in those countries.

This comes after prolonged criticism for failure to improve infrastructure and embark on fast development in some of the worst hit regions in Ugandan. The irony of his statement is however very much visible in South Sudan.

South Sudan is a country that can be described as a ‘no roads nation’ and this though a less surprise to the South Sudanese population, Ugandans had a bit to smile, feeling a sense of pride.

Museveni had had roles and ‘presided over’ the South Sudanese leadership ever since the liberation war. He is believed to be one of the core decisions makers for the state of South Sudan. With South Sudan President being his close ally, Museveni remains and play a key role in the South Sudanese politics.

Many have however criticized his involvement in the South Sudanese politics, especially during the South Sudanese civil war that has ended with the signing of September Peace Agreement of which Museveni still plays a part in.

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