President Kiir proved he still alive and healthy but wishes death on his death wishers

May 25, 2020 (RB), It hasn’t been quite a cherishing time of rest for Mr President as rumors poured out on social media that he died in the Egyptians’ capital last week.  Today, president Kiir was forced to address the nation in front of his palace following a circulated letter that he transitioned power to his deputy, Vice President Hussein Abdelbagi who is also in charge of the National Taskforce on Covid-19.

“You will die first before I do,” said president Kiir while addressing the nation on Monday evening. This was a strong hint from the president as he denounces the rumors. In his message, he asked the citizens to remain steadfast and follow the health guidelines as preventive measures against Covid-19. So far South Sudan has recorded over 650 positive cases and the infection rate is on the rise.

The briefing has calmed many concerned citizens as he clarified that he still alive and within Juba.

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