President Kiir ‘not ready’ to suspend the heads of failed Financial systems as prices go up.

FILE PHOTO: President Kiir/Courtesy

The president of the republic of South Sudan, H.E. Salva Kiir is not yet making any concrete move to suspend the heads of financial systems in the country despite being asked by the Economic Crisis Management Committee to suspend them amid the economic collapse. The prices of the commodities have nearly doubled in the last two months.

The exchange rate; after the Board of Bank of South Sudan admitted that the Bank is out of foreign reserves, the dollar, against the pounds have appreciated constantly. It currently stands at $100 = SSP 46,000 affecting the prices of basic commodities and services.

The minister of finance and economic planing, Salvatore Mabior, heads of Customs, Gen, Akol Ayii Madut and the director general of traffic police who is said by the committee along with the head of directorate of nationalities, passport and immigration to have pocketed $3.1 million US dollar are still going about their daily life and offices work.

In July this year, Kiir admitted that the non oil revenues are being diverted.


According to activist John Kolok, the head and founder of Foundation for Democracy and Accountable Governance, it is absurd for these people to be investigated while still on public offices.

“Investigating while these people continue to hold those offices is likely not to produce a very comprehensive and honest assessment of what exactly happened or is happening because they still have influence within these institutions and therefore they can easily compromise the investigation of the committee” he said while talking to Eye Radio.

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