Power Abuse: Security agents & Officials obstructing justice through death threats


The delay or prevention of justice is taking the whole angle of impunity in the Republic of South Sudan. This week, a Juba University student who spoke to us in condition of anonymity has revealed that his life is in danger due to forwarding a dismal case to a Court in Juba.

“They have threatening me that I must leave the University of Juba premises because of unlawful dismissal of John Akec one month ago where he claimed that he has dismissed us without the knowledge of my dean. And the security of the University of Juba who threatened me said the order came through vice Chancellor of the University of Juba. And we already opened the case in the supreme courts of South Sudan and he still threatened us to leave the hostels while he was not proven right by the law of the country or we are being proven wrong by the law.”

Student of University of Juba

The student has admitted to his life being in danger prior to the above quoted case.

Many human rights and political activists have admitted to the high degree of manipulation by senior officials or individuals possessing great powers in South Sudan, leading to obstruction of justice. The intense of power abuse has outgrown the arm of justice in the country.

At some point, the lawyers who deal with sensitive cases are completely blocked from proceeding with the quests leaving justice at the table of desperateness. This has left a huge vacuum in the serving office that should protect both the law and human rights.

It is reported that many army generals use their powers to grab lands in the country, mastermind and orchestrate classified murders and other crimes and still walk free. According to many Juba residents, lack of adequate and satisfying justice is a nightmare and it has cost some powerless ordinary citizens lands, evicted unlawfully from their homes.

“Every time the case is raised and forwarded to the court. The general would either bribe the judge, threaten him or her. Sometimes they tell you straight in their face that the land is not yours and you have the evidence that it is yours” said a Juba land owner who asked not to be mentioned.

The power abuse display in the country, especially where justice is being seek is raising alarm and it is overwhelmingly out growing the arm of justice in the country. The accused are individuals of some reasonable powers in the government who constantly use their influence to impede justice.

The security agents are at the center of this very act that rot the justice system in the country. Both the lawyers and victims seeking justice are always threatened.

“Security agents are always sent to issue death warnings and physical harm threats in order for the person who try to seek justice to be very afraid. This is why many cases do not succeed because people are afraid and it undermines the constitution,” said a Law Student at the University of Juba.”

Barely two months ago, a general who impregnated a teenage girl in Central Equatoria State walked free. According to sources, the general sent his bodyguards to be brought the teenage girl who was busy fetching firewood. It is alleged that the general has been preying on the girl whom the witness said he strongly admired. It was at that point that he used his powers to lay the girl child and after sometimes the young girl became pregnant.

Journalists who report cases that are sensitive are also threatened by security agents and by people who hold power in the country in order for a space to block justice.

Death threats are obstructing justice in the Republic of South Sudan and it is becoming a day to day cry for the ordinary citizens who do no have access to justice because their cases involve disputes or so with people who are in positions of influence.

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