Popular youth leader quit NAS, joined DRM as a military spokesperson

Muslim L. Gore/Photo: social media/FBMuslim L. Gore/Photo: social media/FB

Popular social media activist and youth leader resigned from the National Salvation Front on Thursday in a letter sent to Ramciel by a closed aid.

The resignation came after the demand for change within the NAS bears fruitless. Muslim L. Gore accuses NAS of being slow to implement change or not taking advantage of the population that joined the movement.

Gore, an outspoken youth who currently lives in North America surprised NAS supporters with a resignation letter on Tuesday, citing less consideration of the youth opinions within the movement according to a reliable person familiar with his opinions.

Sources familiar with Gore’s thinking told Ramciel that the resignation will harm the National Salvation Front led by Lt. Gen. Thomas Cirilo Swaka.

“Allow me to first Greet our members and supporters who are the engine of (NAS), allow me to greet the executive members, military leaders, our strong women, our brave youth, and the elderly. Allow me to greet those who stood with me from the moment I joined (NAS) and they know themselves, I will never betray you.”

Gore thanks military Gen. Kenyi Luburon for his tireless sacrifice standing with the army under Thomas despite having no support for close to 3 years.

“I want to thank our Giant and heavyweight champion General Kenyi Luburon for his sacrifice for the movement and our Youth who go days without food and water without any complaints.”

He acknowledged his Commander-in-Chief for his persistent efforts of maintaining the “fragile” movement.

Gore did not immediately clarify his reason for resignation despite being an active member of NAS for more than 3 years.

“Last but not least, I would like to thank the Commander-in-Chief for his tireless effort. I know it’s not easy but my prayers are also with you. I hope God will guide you and bless you to continue fighting a strong fight. God bless you all.”

“This here serves as my resignation letter from the National Salvation Front as of 02/23/2021 with immediate effect.” He further stated.


Gore's resignation letter send to media on Tuesday.

Gore’s resignation letter sends to the media on Tuesday.












DRM appointment

According to sources who spoke to Ramciel regarding the latest development on resignation, Gore plot to join Democratic Resistance Movement since last year but he was doing consultation in silence.

He accuses Gore of jumping from one movement to another without making any changes.

“Look, the guy was with Riek Machar but later end up being a critic. He joins RCM last year but ends up leaving it for a military job. Now he left NAS for DRM of Lako Jada. I am not being jealous of his progress but one may be tempted to ask, what will he achieve?”

On Thursday, the leader of the Democratic Resistance Movement, Dr. Lako Jada, a witty political heavyweight within the Greater Equatoria competing with any predominant force, boldly sent out a letter of appointment to media.

He appoints Gore as the new military spokesperson for his movement.

The appointment was received with mixed reactions by the general population within the NAS supporters.

Dr. Jada further left no comment but congratulates the new spokesman to immediately discharge his duties.

The leadership of NAS did not issue any clarification regarding the resignation.

Appointment letter issued on Thursday

Appointment letter issued on Thursday













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