Popular Youth Leader Calls for Capturing of Juba As The President Is Said To Be On A Life Support Machine

May 24, 2020 (RB) A popular South Sudanese youth leader had called for the South Sudanese youths on Saturday to unite and capitalize on overthrowing of the ‘corrupt’ government. This came after the disappearance of the country’s president earlier this week

According to inside sources in the Embassy of South Sudan in the Arab Republic of Egypt, the president arrived in a private jet 3 days ago while critically ill, and was put under a ventilator to battle the coronavirus.

“The forces in the outskirts of Juba should now mobilize and storm Juba,” he said while airing the message out on a live video” he announced it on social media video.

According to the leader, it is high time for the long-awaited change to be enforced. And despite the outbreak of coronavirus, there is a looming demonstration as South Sudanese youths are planning on a massive revolt against the newly formed government.

There has been a lot of dissatisfaction about how the country is being run and youths are said to be tired of how the population is suffering. According to him, both the SPLA/M-IG and IO should leave the country and give room for a new dawn. The state of the nation is now like a market-mad-man.

There seems to be high tension and underlying volatile agendas. An intelligence source within the military said that a next possible leader to take over the president’s seat is being decided on, but the MI man declined to express his view about who should take over

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