PM Abiy kicks Defence Minister out of his government, replaces him with ex-Oramia region Security Chief | RB

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The Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed has replaced his long time ally, Lemma Megersa ahead of next year elections in a country where division has rocketed to the peak in the past three years.

According to Mohammed Olad, a political analyst, Lemma’s removal may further whittle away support for Abiy.

“Lemma enjoys wider support and approval in Oromia than Abiy,” he said. “Whether he will activate that reservoir of goodwill depends on two things. First, whether he will be free to exercise his political rights …(and) whether he is willing to play an active role in politics.”

Lemma was replaced by Kenea Yadeta, the former security chief of Oromiya region, Abiy’s office said on Twitter. Nine other top officials were also replaced, including the attorney general, his deputy and the mining minister.

Ethiopia has been in tensions with disunity rocking every corner of the country.

(File photo: Lemma Mergesa)

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