Padang become coronavirus in Upper Nile

Members of the Apadang community meeting First Vice President Dr. Riek Machar Teny in his office in Juba, Wednesday, July 8, 2020 (Photo credit: OFVP)Members of the Apadang community meeting First Vice President Dr. Riek Machar Teny in his office in Juba, Wednesday, July 8, 2020 (Photo credit: OFVP)

By Cde. Thomas Nuer Underdog.

All the messes happened in Upper Nile since 2013 till today date will be put on Dinka Padang responsibilities. They alienate the state that they are part of as residents and Join Warrap back Awiel mind mentality nothing to do with.

I believe if not Padang joining their cousins from Bhar el ghazal to destroy the country. I don’t see 2013 incident could reach Upper Nile at all. Those who brought Warrap doctrine policy under the “name of Dinkaism are Padang on Northern Upper Nile”.

I just realize Padang and Bhar el ghazal team up to marginalize Upper Nile populations and claim others people lands. That was reason war reach Upper Nile. The strategies involve any Dinka who live in Nuer areas at the time.

Bor on eastern Bieh state and Dinka Ruweng on Northwest of Liech state. Both were in plans similar Padang doing in Upper Nile. Their objectives to curves Nuerland, destroy and assimilate Nuer culture, and claim pride of power and resources afterwards. Thanks for the home Guards White army of young Nuer men and women who sacrificed their live to stop threats. Their plans fail and dead before even debate on the floor. Now, I myself I objected Dinka Padang willing to be part of Upper Nile residents.

However, if they failed to contribute, participants, and see upper Nile as their home and live in peace. They dont need to create the chaos that will put Upper Nile residents in situation including themselves. Why they do that? My opinion, it does shown they are not belong to Upper Nile.

If they are not, padang people should pack their bags and leave peacefully without created bloodshed against innocent people. What they did last two weeks ago is unacceptable behaviors. Upper Nile reside four communities including Padang. If three communities agrees for anything, no need for Padang to object because of majority vote. How come they rejected G. Johnson olony? While shilluk, Maban, and Nuer community all accept Johnson olony as next Upper Nile governor.

I believe that Olony will never be replace and shilluk never lead their forefathers land Upper Nile. It is times for them to lead and governance the land their forefathers created. Padang orginally come from Bhar el ghazal somewhere in Warrap. They migrated.

I think they should leave Upper Nile if they make themselves as obstacles.

Mr. Yes man, Dr. Machar need to understand and focus on the case that led him go to juba. He has no intention to silent right of Upper Nile residents to choose. G. Olony overwhelmingly nominated by Jikany Nuer, shilluk, and Maban community. Small community call Padang cannot reject three communities vote.

Governor olony should start picking his state officials and preparing his government, then go to state Capitol malakal to resume his work if Padang want peace prevail in Upper Nile. If not, they will miss the show.

The former president Trump said “if you are not happy here, you should leave and come back when you happy. We will not miss you”. I found that he is right. If Padang are not happy in Upper Nile, they need to leave and come back when they are happy.

They will never be miss if they choose to leave. Nobody say Padang people are not residents of Upper Nile, but they gone to far by promoted stupidity that wouldn’t help them at all. Instead listen they neighbors such as shilluk, nuer, and Maban. They accept bhar el ghazal influence that put them in danger.

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