Over 50 bodies discovered after weeks of violence in Tambura, S. Sudan

UNMISS Soldiers patrolling the Tambura Area.UNMISS Soldiers patrolling the Tambura Area.
Intercommunal violence has ravaged the Tambura areas forcing many to flee for their dear lives. Authorities in South Sudan’s Western Equatoria region have discovered at least 50 bodies following weeks of deadly violence in Tambura, according to County Commissioner Charles Babiro.
It should be noted that the fighting has displaced an estimated 40,000 people, with some 17,000 of them seeking refuge in the neighboring Ezo County. Additionally, several thousands of displaced persons are sheltering near the peacekeeping mission’s temporary operating base in Tambura.
Earlier this week, the current situation in Tambura has triggered wider concerns from the international body United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS). The international agency is deeply worried and concerned about the safety and wellbeing of children and other vulnerable people amidst conflict in the greater Tambura area in Western Equatoria State.
A search conducted by authorities revealed that the bodies were found in the villages of Bangaza, Mooboywhoku and Azama in Tambura County.
With the situation gone from bad to worse, the search team managed to collect at least 50 dead bodies. Due to security concerns the search couldn’t continue. The bodies found are mostly those of children and the elderly, but children were the majority.
Currently, there are a lot of protection concerns, especially for children, they are in a dire need of humanitarian assistance and are very vulnerable. However, the situation might lead to many things: one, it may increase incidents of sexual gender-based violence, especially among girls. It may also increase domestic violence and even criminality. Many children may be recruited by armed groups because we have been seeing armed youth around and we don’t know most of them.
In an exerted effort to prevent children’s rights from being violated, Child Protection and Human Rights Officers have been engaging with the organized forces in greater Tambura to create awareness on the Mission’s mandate, fundamental human rights principles, and the relation between the revitalized peace agreement and the need to keep boys and girls out of harm’s way.
The recent insurgencies in Tambura are linked the conflict that erupted months ago to differences between peace parties  where  the Sudan People Liberation Army-in Opposition (SPLA-IO) has been accused of being behind the attacks that have left hundreds of civilians displaced in the Tambura area.
The SPLA-IO forces which came from Bhar-el-Ghazel region organised an attack on some villages in Tambura and started killing civilians who went farming, killing others in their houses for no clear reason.
Last week, the government resolved to move SPLA-IO forces out of Tambura County in order to quell the conflict. This was arrived at after many locals complained that the national government was not doing anything about the deadly violence.
According to Commissioner Babiro, a week ago, the national government sent a delegation to Yambio town on a peace and reconciliation mission but it’s a dismay that since their arrival, the delegation has done nothing, except spending time in the luxurious hotels.
The commissioner also said that, the conflict has lasted for about two months now and has left at least 170 people dead with several thousands displaced.
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