Over 30,000 civilians need urgent humanitarian assistance in Nasir town, commissioner

Newly appointed Nasir commissioner, Hon. Duol Kun Thian with the entire leadership of Nasir community/PHOTO: SuppliedNewly appointed Nasir commissioner, Hon. Duol Kun Thian with the entire leadership of Nasir community/PHOTO: Supplied

Civilians are returning to the deserted town of Nasir for the first time in 8 years, newly appointed commissioner Hon. Duol Kun Thian told Ramciel via phone on Sunday.

More than 5,000 people are currently in Nasir town, and over 20,000 in surrounding villages. Over 100 people per day arriving, the commissioner added.

Nasir, a county in Eastern South Sudan of Upper Nile state was among the most affected rebels’ towns since the outbreak of civil war. A thriving center before the civil war breaks out, but now an empty grassy forest.

Speaking to Ramciel from Nasir town on Sunday, Duol said, he is dedicated to making sure people settle but he needs immediate humanitarian intervention.

“As you know that I arrived in Nasir on April the 30th. I was welcome by the entire Nasir Community. Over 4,000 people, church elders, chores, community leaders, traditional leaders, and young people came to the airport to meet me. This is a sign that our people have trust in the leadership that the peace has returned home. All of these people are still here and they are not going anywhere.”

Duol highlighted that the new arrival population needs immediate humanitarian intervention.

“Because of this people have nothing to eat, no place to sleep or stay during the day because the entire Nasir town has been a space for the last 8 years of South Sudan civil war. The community as you know deserted the town because of the fighting but now they are returning in large numbers. I am requesting immediate humanitarian intervention. The people need immediate and urgent humanitarian assistance.”

The only clinic in town is overwhelmed by the huge population coming into the town.

“The clinic run by the UNKEA is now overrun with over 100 people seeking immediate medical attention. We are calling for the local and international NGOs to return to the town of Nasir as soon as possible to offer any necessary assistance needed by the people.”

The commissioner was welcome by over 3,000 people including church leaders, community leaders, traditional leaders, and activists. He already met with the entire Nasir community who pledge to be in the town to rebuild their lives.

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