Over 20 people killed in a fresh Upper Nile State’s Communal Violence.

Members of the White Army in Wectut, Nasir county/photo: suppliedMembers of the White Army in Wectut, Nasir county/photo: supplied

Over twenty people have been killed in a fresh Upper Nile State’s communal violence that pity the Dinka Apadang, Chollo and Nuer of Ulang and Nasir county.

According to sources who spoke to Ramciel Broadcasting yesterday, the people confirmed dead are 20 with additional number dying in the bushes of Upper Nile – in-between counties while a good number, unaccounted for, vanished after counter attacks from both the Dinka and the Nuer people of the Upper Nile.

It is reported that the Youths from the Padang community and Ulang and Nasir county engaged in a cycle of revenge attacks following the latest incidences that provoked the ongoing political dissonance between the two neighbouring inhabitants of the region. One of the incidences is the recent killing of women, children and travellers  who were on boat from Malakal to the counties of Ulang and Nasir by the Dinka Apadang members.

The region has since been restive.

“The Dinka Padang youths came and we chased them. We killed many of them and pursued them in the bushes. They came to take cattle but we managed to chase them,” said a Nasir male youth residence who was part of the groups that engaged in the battles.

The report is that a few people have been killed from their side while the Padang Youths carried the heaviest defeat after being scattered in the bushes heading towards Baliet.

The total number of people killed was amounted to 20 from both sides although it was not clear how many from either side were actually killed.

The Upper Nile State’s communities have been in disarray over political dissonance masterminded in Juba. There have been cycle of revenges.

Last Month, the parties to the peace agreement broke deadlock after appointment of Abudhok Ayang Kur as the Upper Nile State’s governor. This move was heavily protested by the SPLM/A – IO members as their preferred choice was Gen, Johnson Olony whom the government boldly rejected. On the contrary, the Dinka Apadang who too rejected Gen. Johnson Olony, welcomed the appointment of the new governor.


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