Outrage as singer Dinganyai and ex-wife storm social media with shocking revelations

left exwife 1left exwife 1, center, Dinganyai, right, a friend. PHOTO/COURTESY

Hundreds of South Sudanese were shocked by exposure of ill and past relationship decay haunting the singer and his ex-wife.

The South Sudanese well-known singer Daniel Dinganyai further shocked his followers when he went live in response to claims made by his ex-wife in a move to clarify himself

His ex-wife went live earlier appearing in a police cell. This shocked her followers who felt a sense of a prevailing injustice. According to her, Dinganyai locked her up because he wants to take away the two young kids of 6 and 3 years old they both had while under matrimonial lockdown.

Ex wife
Ex wife in the cell.

The wife claimed that Dinganyai doesn’t live according to his songs which mostly deliver goodwill messages and advice to the world’s married couples. She also added that Dinganyai is an abusive man who called police on her and instructed the police to beat her up. She announced through a live video that she was stripped naked before getting beaten and dragged down by the police she assumed might have been paid by Dinganyai to beat and humiliate her publicly in Jebel Dinka town before taken to jail.

The wife demands she be released immediately.

On revealing her destitute state, her Facebook friends promised to raise money to fight for her freedom and the right to keep her kids.

The last video she streamed had police ordering her to immediately cease recording or the phone to be taken right away. They were of course speaking on the background.

Dinganyai on the other side appeared on Facebook live video for the first time in history as he stressed. The singer said that he was forced to go live on Facebook because of the thousands of calls he received regarding the live video his x-wife made while locked up.


Dinganyai claims the reasons he wanted to take away the kids is that the mother is incapable of providing for the children and that he is the only one to meet their needs. He also revealed that his ex-wife started drinking and kept fighting him all the time. According to him the ex-wife broke his left arm before and chased him while holding a knife on her hand.

left exwife
left exwife

Dinganyai didn’t deny locking his ex-wife up but he stressed that the woman is the one abusing him and the kids and threatened their lives to a point where she promised to take her own life afterwards (After killing the kids). This is why he divorced her (According to him).

“I wanted to save the lives of children and raise them,” he said.

The videos left the viewers outraged with some sympathizing with the situation. What however remained unclear is who is right between them. Perhaps the law will settle it.

divorce certificate
divorce certificate

(Notice: Videos were streamed in Dinka and there might be slight changes due to translation.)

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