Opinion | Why Kiir’s lies are honey and Abraham Chol’s lies are bitter?

H.E President Salva Kiir Mayardit, right, and Prophet Abraham Chol left: photo/RamcielH.E President Salva Kiir Mayardit, right, and Prophet Abraham Chol left: photo/Ramciel

This is a hundred-million-dollar question?

  1. Kiir lied that he was taking us to the promised land in 2010 but we have never seen that fucking promised land until this night but we just laughed it off, ignored him thinking he would change but never memorized and he wasn’t arrested while he is lavishly enjoying Champagne whisky in peace tonight2021.
  2. Kiir lied that he will construct all roads, hospitals, schools, and electric power across South Sudan in 2010 but none were done until the fuckin night2021.
  3. Kiir lied that he was going to unite the people of South Sudan to enjoy peace and prosperity in 2011 but he failed to do so and instead of causing wars and agony against the citizens from 2013 until tonight2021 as citizens are currently taking refuge in the IDPs and Refugee Camps within the nation and abroad suffering from hunger, diseases, insecurity, lack of freedom and all form of their rights thereof.
  4. Kiir lied that he was going to foster democracy by conducting peaceful, transparent, fair, and credible elections in 2015 but instead he caused the war before the end of his tenure in 2013 dismantling the party organs and decided to rule the country on transitions buying parliaments with our taxes, oil and gold revenues to extend his tenure after every interim period.
  5. Kiir lied that he was going to transfer the capital city from Juba to Ramciel in 2012 but we are drinking the fuckin beer with him in Juba tonight 2021.
  6. Kiir lied he was going to destroy the oil pipelines from South Sudan and set up other pipelines from South Sudan to Mombasa Kenya in 2012 but the oil pipelines remained the same in Sudan currently and he has mortgaged out the oil to foreign cartels up to fuckin 2023 but he has never been arrested.
  7. Kiir lied that he was going to transfer the oil pipelines from South Sudan to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania in 2016 but the oil pipelines remained the same in Sudan until tonight2021.
  8. Kiir lied that he was going to cancel all the Chinese oil contracts and give them to the American companies or publish calls for biding in 2012 but he did that until 2021.
  9. Kiir lied that he was going to promote democracy and empower the SPLM party structures and cadres to rule for hundred yrs in 2010 but instead he dissolved the SPLM party high organs and structures (the SPLm Political Bureau, SPLM Liberation Council) and dismissed all the senior cadres and finally declared himself Chairman of the SPLM for life.
  10. Kiir lied that he was going to respect democratic norms and basic laws of the SPLM but he overthrew the SPLM Youth League Chairman Mr.Akol Paul and appointed some other youth leaders by decrees and no legitimate SPLM Youth League leader as I write this fuckin note tonight2021.
  11. Kiir lied to Pope Francis in Rome, Vatican City in 2018 after Pope kissed at the feet with his friends in crimes and promised the Pope that he was going to implement the Peace Agreement 2018 in letter and spirit but he came back and scraped off the security arrangements and currently agitating his First Vice Dr. Riek Machar left and right in Juba until tonight2021.
  12. Kiir lied to President Obama in 2015 that he was going to implement the peace agreement in letter and spirit but he caused the war (the J1 dogfight) in 2016 less than a year just to distract the partners, stakeholders, and guarantors on following his violations but just to focus on dangerous of war and tricked them revitalized the same peace agreement and they all accepted but I for one I refused going back to Adis Ababa, Ethiopia in 2018 but now it remains few months for them to get back Adis Ababa again in this 2021 or beyond. Tragically, he immediately betrayed Obama’s efforts for peace initiatives and development of the ule-Kampala road built by the USAID in 2011 but to abuse President Obama that he was not comparative with him and he has always been putting on pressure to accept peace.
  13. Kiir lied that he was going to increase the salary of the working class (the military, Police, Wildlife, fire brigade, Air force, and civil servants) but no salary currently they go for months without any income until this fuckin night2021.
  14. Kiir lied yesterday that he was going to increase the salary of the working class 100% but this is also another expensive lie on countdown tonight2021 and beyond until his departure.
  15. Kiir recently lied that he was going to build South Sudan dams to promote to set up electric power that will cover the whole country to encourage the Agricultural sector among others but it’s a prominent lie on the countdown tonight2021 and beyond.
  16. Kiir lied that he was going to bring peace to the country first in 2015-2018 and thereafter he leaves the power to some other people peaceful but in this month he maintained that he was and will never go anywhere leaving power to someone’s elsewhere unless the public tell him to leave or they vote him out of power during his interview with Kenyan Journalist Jeff Koinange this 2021.
  17. Kiir lied that he going to maintain law and order to protect citizens’ lives and their properties across the country but now Juba becomes the city of mighty Toronto the terror group which is a state-sponsored one, they are grabbing young and old women, young men, and old men phones at this night I’m writing this fucking note2021.
  18. Kiir lied that he was going to ensure cattle keepers should destroy farms in the Equatoria region and ati they must go back to where they live but currently cattle keepers are in Equatoria killing farmers, raping women, and destroying crops as I write this fuckin note2021.
  19. Kiir recently lied that he was going to allow the celebration of 9th July 2021 in Juba but he decided to abruptly suspend the celebration during the last council of ministers due to his fear of the RCM protest and prophesy of Rev.Abraham Chol2021.
  20. Kiir lied that his office is opened 24/24 the SPLM members and concerned citizens wanted to express their views to him but currently just go and visit Kiir’s office and talk about his seat or election you will never see his face until you die or he dies.
  21. Kiir lied that his cabinet ministers embezzled 4billion US dollars from the public coffers, he threatened publication of their names and wrote 75letters to dudes demanding refund of the money back to the country in 2013 or he was going to put them behind bars but instead slipping off with his Anti-Corruption Commission neither list of 75names published nor the culprits were brought to book nor 4billion USD returned as I write this fuckin note2021.
  22. Kiir lied in his 2018 public address that he was going to maintain cordial relations with neighboring countries including Kenya and he went to submit his biological children to Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta to have their citizenship made and stayed in Kenya in 2020 but instead this month he was abusing President Uhuru saying he is unhappy with accusing him of hosting the revolt groups in his country, 2021.
  23. Kiir lied that he was going to pay the salary of South Sudanese diplomats across the embassies and payoff rent of residents but instead ambassadors are currently using embassies’ official cars as taxis or matatu for earning living with their families 2021 is their karma.
  24. Kiir lied that he was going to increase particularly the salary of South Sudanese doctors, teachers, and university lecturers to ensure effective service delivery: with doctors to ensure effective good care to patients in hospitals and teachers to ensure standard teaching in primary and secondary schools while the lecturers to ensure standard lectures and provisions of the updated syllabus in the universities but instead, currently doctors are suffering beyond description, some of them have left their jobs that don’t to bring foot on the table and opted to be dying in their houses with families. Teachers have suffered bristly and the majority of them left teaching while the pupils and students are left as some of them speak Konyokonyo English on social media here with us. Lectures have abandoned the universities and students are left to be operating lizards, cats, and dogs for medical practice instead of frogs and left crazy as some of them are put on gowns to declare their graduation as a sign of frustration in 2021.
  25. Kiir lied he was going to set up the railway from South Sudan to Kenya and Ethiopia to enhance and promote trade but as I write this fuckin note never seen one in 2021.
  26. Kiir lied that he was going to ensure laws are implemented and respected to safeguard civil liberties and civic space as he signed into law the NGO act2016/2018 but instead civil society and human rights activists were and are harassing day in day out as some of them are forced to exile while others remain silent in Juba and across the country and others are behind bars 2021.
  27. Kiir lied that he was going to construct Juba – Bahr El Ghazal roads to boost the economy and enhance security but instead Mayiik Ayii Deng got away from it and the almighty rain (Deng –Abuk) revealed the truth and immediately thundered fake foundations and washed into the river of Man-Angeer and Ladu for them to go and collect it again-klam fariq
  28. Kiir lied to the SPLM factions that he was going to implement the Arusha Agreement but instead, he smashed it and all the SPLM/A (Athielem / Athiele) factions remain in the same disarray in bushes and Juba or elsewhere in the country.
  29. Kiir lied to Israel Government and its citizens that he was going to ensure South Sudan votes in favor of Israel against Palestine but instead he instructed his Ambassador to the UN to vote in favor of Palestine something made Israel and American and their allies were very bitter with his Government and began questioning our character as South Sudanese.
  30. Kiir lied that he was going to have a zero-tolerance against corruption in 2010 but instead corruption has become the order of the day as oil is mortgaged out up to 2023.
  31. Kiir lied that no South Sudanese will be marginalized to the point of being a second class citizen in his or her country number majority of citizens are currently marginalized including the very SPLM members while replacing with the NCP traitors like Tuk Kew who is now brokering South Sudan to get a membership to the Arab League sad precedence ahead of us.
  32. Kiir lied to the people of Lakes State that he was going to bring peace to them and foster disarmament but instead conflicts are still ongoing while guns are rampant in the hands of civilians as if they have a license to buy guns abroad. Now, he is changing Governors like clothes.
  33. Kiir lied to the people of Warrap that he was going to bring peace to the state but instead killing of civilians this year as civilians got annoyed and finally defeated the Kiir’s for their liberty.

With these few counted lies I hereby cease to mention more to come to question him why his lies are benevolently honey while other citizen lies are bitter?  And exactly why Abraham Chol’s one lie is so bitter your 30+lies?

Looking into your Abraham Chol drummed up charges in the South Sudan Penal Code Act2008 Chapter 15 Offences under articles (201, 202, 66, 74, and 76) quoted in the Rev.Abraham arrest warrant dated 8th July 2021these were the same charges you President Kiir charged the SPLM former detainees and Dr.Riek Machar in 2013. It means if you have again charged mere Rev.Abraham Chol with the charges without sufficient evidence into his case then you are a great liar, destroyer, and ambassador of the abyss.

Your lawyers have misquoted, misinterpreted, and abused PCA2008 to the core. Read these articles to see yourself: Article 201 Insulting or Inciting Contempt of Religious Creed, It says:

“Whoever by any means publicly insults or seeks to incite contempt of any religion in such as to be likely to lead to a breach of the peace, commits an offense, and upon conviction, shall be sentenced to imprisonment for a term not exceeding three years or with a fine or with both”.

Article 202 Abuse of Religious and Noble Beliefs, says: “Whoever abuses religious or noble spiritual beliefs for political exploitation or to incite or promote feelings of hatred, enmity or discord among religious communities or commits an act intended or is likely to cause the same, commits an offense, and upon conviction, shall be sentenced to imprisonment for a term not exceeding three years or with a fine or with both”.

Article 66 Subverting Constitutional Government, says:

“Whoever, whether inside or outside Southern Sudan:

(a) organizes or set up, or advocates, urges or suggests the organization or setting up of, any group or body with the aim of (i)overthrowing or attempting to overthrow the government by unconstitutional means; (ii)taking over or attempting to take over the government by unconstitutional means or usurping the functions of the government, or (iii) coercing or attempting to coerce the government unconstitutionally.

(b). support or assists any group or body in doing or attempting to do any of the things described in paragraph (a), above commits the offense of subverting the constitutional government, and upon conviction, shall be sentenced to imprisonment for a term not exceeding twenty years”.

Article 74 Causing Disaffection Among Police Force or Defence Forces, says: “Whoever induces, or attempts to induce, or does any act to realize that there is a risk or possibility of inducing or causing any member of the police or defense forces to withhold his or her services, loyalty or allegiance or to commit breaches of discipline, commits an offense, and upon conviction, shall be sentenced to imprisonment for a period not exceeding two years or with a fine or with both”.

Article 76 Undermining Authority of or Insulting President, says:

“Any person who publicly, unlawfully and intentionally: (a). makes any statement about or concerning the president or any acting president with the knowledge of realizing that there is a real risk or possibility that the statement is false and that it may; (i). engender feelings of hostility towards; or  (ii)caused hatred, contempt, or ridicule of; the president or an acting president, whether in person or respect of the president’s office; or (b). makes any abusive, indecent or absence statement about or concerning the president personally or the president’s office, commits an offense, and upon conviction, shall be sentenced to imprisonment for a term not exceeding one year or with a fine or with both”.

Disclaimer: the writer is not a follower of Prophet Abraham Chol Maketh by any means but a pure catholic caliber but has been compelled against heinous violations of Chol personal liberty (freedom of expression, his dignity, and privacy). If we leave such actions like that then each one of us as citizens will never be safe in Juba and elsewhere in the country. With this, I demanded immediate release of Rev.Abraham Chol and be compensated by the Government of South Sudan for trespassing his private residence and always kidnapping, suing, and arresting him while barely naked. President Government must pay damages to Rev.Abraham Chol.

The author is a South Sudanese Human Rights Activist, living in East Africa. Can be reached via email: keluelagook@gmail.com

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