O ION | Why A Monitoring Spirit Is Better Than Salva Kiir?

Slava Kiir. Photo/by the Guardians

May 25, 2020 (RB), By Tut Kuany Kok “Cowards die many times before their deaths,” said Julius Caesar. The Africans concept of death stated precisely that when the deceased or dead person is honored with decent burial, he or she could lives among the person as a monitoring spirit who protects the children, adults and cows from being haunted by the evil spirits. But failure to perform such an important ritual, the deceased would get exasperated and furious.

Though he/she won’t harm people but will not guards them from any invasion of the nefarious and diabolical forces. Therefore, what I’m trying to explain is the fact that there are dead people in their silent graves who are far better than Salva Kiir, because they’re protecting the living ones instead of harming them. Yet, Salva Kiir, the living President is not protecting the people of South Sudan from the unprecedented pandemic. Instead, he’s killing them and running away from them for the reason best known to everybody that, he is doing all these things since he and his immediate family are very safe in his palace. Is he not better off dead though death is unfriendly and unpredictable?

It’s true that he will die many times before his death, for being coward, narcissistic and unfaithful to the people of South Sudan but being loyal to his wife and children. Is he not better off dead for being culprit? How on earth could the President of 11,000000 people wish his citizens death simply because they sympathetically inquired his whereabouts after having been in the hideout for a week? And how on earth could the President of 11,000000 people isolate himself from fighting the world pandemic that requires the contributions of everyone? Does he expect the citizens to win the war against Corona-virus with their bare hands, without proper directives from him? Why must he appear to the public because he wanted to refute and debunk his death in lieu of appearing in the name of addressing the national matters that the country is undergoing?

The South Sudanese expected him to address the issue causing procrastination on the full formation of the R-TGoNU. Is he not better off dead for being narcissistic, coward and despotic to the people of South Sudan? Thus, there are many more 1000 reasons which denote his unseriousness to address the factors which are affecting the country, but the way he is filled with the sense of self-importance and narcissistic behavior is something irritating. And South Sudanese should precisely look into it. As a writer I must conclude that if the South Sudanese so far put their believe and trust on the grave of the Late Dr John Garang De Mabior, there would have been a solution to this perennial crisis brought to them by this man called Salva. Since Garang would have been a good monitoring spirit who does not discriminate or harm the living ones.

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