Opinion | “They’re calling me Commander-In-Chief, and this may not be in vain,” said William Gatjiath Deng

SPLA-IO Spokesman, Brig. Gen. William Gatjiath Deng, in undisclosed location in Upper Nile(Photo credit: supplied)SPLA-IO Spokesman, Brig. Gen. William Gatjiath Deng, in undisclosed location in Upper Nile(Photo credit: supplied)

When it comes to something that can put many lives at risk, we can’t just fold our arms while things are going badly. It’s true that the leadership of the SPLM-IO is always under attack from within and outside. But the members are trying to solve these disputes through defection, betrayal or causing chaos amongst the hapless population back home.

In fact, These problems have been ignited by those in the government or those opposing Dr. Riek Machar as individuals. Now, this misunderstanding went as far as pushing General Simon Gatwech Dual against Dr. Riek Machar, simply because there are those who are not happy about the struggle the impoverished population is in.

On the other hand, the Government agents have been campaigning to destabilize the unity of the Nuer and to achieve this, they have to cause confusion, brainwashing and bribery to the people whom they deem loyal to the leadership of the SPLM-IO. But, they won’t achieve their plan as long as there are signs and symptoms of the collapsing government.

In reference to the quote up there, Cde William Gatjiath Deng has to understand that this is an age where we differentiate the real audio and the fake one. It’s true that William Gatjiath Deng is the one having a conservation with those in the background. However, there’s no point in denying the fact, when it’s clear that he met with the notorious and coward Akol Kor Kuch. Again, there’s no point in denying that he didn’t rebel against his own boss when he claims that “people are now beginning to call me C-in-C..”

Moreover, William Gatjiath Deng should come up boldly and say that he will overthrow the chairman of the SPLM-IO as uncle Duer Tut Duer did. In my view, the Nuer sons will not die for the sake of those whose sole purpose is to enrich themselves rather than the fight that we’re considering as the fight for the elimination of tribalism or marginalization of one tribe.

We/I have been preaching the gospel that the Nuer who had been supporting the tyrant shouldn’t be trusted or have something to do with them, for the result is always shocking. Look at how they have exposed your secret mission Cde Gatjiath. Again, look at how they ruin your humble beginning and reputation. Are they the people you’re planning to overthrow Dr. Riek Machar with? Do you still trust them after having exposed you? What a world!

In our culture, the Nuer traditional setting, whenever there’s a misunderstanding among the leaders or family members, we only sit and solve the problem in a general setting so that life can come back to normal. However, it is not that, one can simply go, grab a spear and flick his brother at the back.

Despite the fact that there are many challenges within the SPLM-IO, there is still a bright side where everyone will be happy, even those aiming to destroy it. To you William, the reason why Akol Kol wants you as you mentioned in audio and Gatduel is to use you in convincing the forces for random integration, which later can show to the world that the SPLM-IO and its force get incorporated into the government they’re fighting against. This is the darkest or evil plan from Akol so that you will be pushed hard against your own brother and later end up being discarded like a waste.

Try to think, Cde Gatjiak, like someone who’s well informed about the ethnic and political ramifications that have been leading the country for years now. Nothing is more important now in the Juba government than the succulent meals that they’re offering in those luxury hotels. Think about your future, the future of your children, the future of the Nuer community and the future of South Sudanese. The likes of Akol Kur and his cohorts are devils who do not care about the welfare of others. Is this what you’re trying to do? How will you feel if your children will benefit from the regime and maybe your cousins or neighbours’ children have nothing to eat….?

With this statement, there is no point in denying that you didn’t record the audio but the fact is that we’re still valuing you as one of the brave comrades in the SPLM-IO under Dr. Riek Machar and the door is always open for you. Remember Ci Nin Thiak. We’re left only with one kick on Salva Kiir’s ass and his government.

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