Opinion | Dr. Gen. Akol Ayii is Indefensible: A rebuttal to Deng Emmillo Mou  (1_3)

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By Simon Yel Yel


After reading Deng’s bromidic diatribe (terribly littered with poor command of the English language, and illogical argument) with utter bemusement, unable to name the devil possessing the boy, I first decided to keep mute and let it go. It wasn’t because I can’t evidentially defend whatever point I put forward in my previous posting, or refute his wild claims, but because his rebuttal was prosaically argued and personalized. And more glaringly, it has prevaricated from controverting the center gist of my posting, but unashamedly went gratifying Dr. Gen. Akol, and knocking other foreign fronts. In other words, I didn’t want to engage in a lazy discourse with an intellectual lightweight because the rebuttal was badly littered with insults and no incoherent argument.

However, because of the sensitivity of some claims, and how the public would infer my taciturnity for, I found it reasonable to pen this moderate response while maintaining the decorum and civility of any intellectual argument.  And more importantly, to tell him and his acolytes as to why Dr. Gen. Akol is supposed to be sacked. And as the above reasons necessitated my response, I would like my readers not to mistake this article for a love letter to Deng, or an apology letter to Dr. Gen. Akol. No, it’s a response 101.

In this response, I will somehow also slash his superiority complex by prescribing a proper dose for his problem. And therefore, I hope the comeuppance will be an exact dose to heal his ailment. In other words, it will also be a harbinger to his captain, whom he serves as a chief keyboard terrorist and suicide bomber for, that a fight is at their doorstep. And hence, they have to properly tie their belts.

Like everyone who has painfully read his rebuttal, I am still wondering what had cleaved the neb of this young boy or bewitched his pen to emanate such poisonous and acrimonious magma that is only synonymous to a mind overran by squalid hallucinations. Like a mad man, Deng makes wild claims one after another, without the feeling of penitence. And there is more. His choice of words, which makes no pretense for everyone to notice the crudity and incivility of the language used, is unethical and unmanly. This is because there is a visible cornucopia of toll-free insults throughout the rebuttal. And therefore, this made the rebuttal to degenerate into a childish intellectualism and an intellectual nothingness for it is clearly influenced by sheer melancholic hatred and contemptible intellectual ignorance.

However, let me state the punch line very clearly. As per my intellectual audit, the critique has neither met the logical irreducible minimum threshold of any intellectual product nor attained the set minimum threshold for any cerebral thought of an intellectual. And in plain English, the rebuttal is a sycophantic work of rented mouths and that is why Deng is spatting the critics like flies and dishonestly portraying Gen. Akol as an untouchable political deity whom everyone should adore and genuflect to. It is the furthest thing from any work of intellect and journalistic writings.

Alternatively, one may best describe it as a brassy Hosanna lyric in praise of Dr. Akol as the only and rightful done, with incontestable birthright, to hold the seat to infinity. In other words, it portrays Dr. Akol as the proverbial Superman in the movies who only has a rare divine possession above anyone else. That is why in his first paragraph, one can’t fail to discover that Deng is a rented mouth. He has no substance in his rebuttal.

To decently respond to a farrago of hyperboles, distortions, and outright lies, conjoined as a rebuttal, I will only refute my alleged connection with Hon. Mayen Wol. Apart from that claim, I found nothing worth responding. And as such, I decided to put forward my thoughts of why I think Dr. Gen. Akol is supposed to be sacked. And in regard to this, I hope Deng will now have something to engage me with. And thereafter, reggae continues!


Let me preface this with a few clarifications: I don’t write under influence of any creature. I own my head. And I freely think for myself. Secondly, I don’t criticize any constitutional post holder with an intention of having him being replaced by a relative or a friend. Zilch.  I do so when I see the said leader not performing as required. Therefore, I take no orders from Hon. Mayen. Pump it into your heads!

In my own analysis, I don’t think Deng meant what he wrote about Hon. Mayen. I think he was carelessly employing diversionary tactics in an attempt to clean his boss. My natural instinct tells me that Deng brought in the names of Hon. Mayen only just to catch his attention so that he can reach out to me and Gen. Akol. That’s what my feelings tell.  But still, it is a wrong plan. And it has a prospect of unpleasantly boomeranging to him if Hon. Mayen demands substantiation of these wild claims from him. This is because, I, for one, see no logical reasons in bringing up the personality of Hon. Mayen in response meant to criticize my posting. It is uncalled-for. And here I say, please Deng, just respond me to as a person without connecting me to any leader. I abundantly am free to take you head-on with your boss. Please, apologize to Hon. Mayen!


It is my habit that I don’t write about people who are worth very little. Yes, when I write about someone, it is because they have an important role to play or have played in society, either negatively or positively. And that is why it is very important always to bring up a debate about the deeds and shortcomings of constitutional post holders in the court of public opinion for scrutiny. It is against this backdrop that I wrote a short post about Dr. Gen. Akol Ayii.

It is not a secret that I hold a particularly low opinion on Dr. Gen. Akol Ayii even before the Onyoti’s committee indicted him.  However, I had never written about him before, but, I am now being propelled to pen this article by the ongoing publicity stunt– exonerating him from his past crimes and also painting him as a saint. That is what attracted me much to put together my thoughts about this man in form of the rebuttal.

Yes, I don’t want to be macabre in this piece, and therefore, let me take you through some damning truths straightaway. Unless I am breaking news for you, otherwise, he is a character right out of Hong Kong, the Harvard of Chinese thieving class. In other words, he is a textbook definition for a kleptomaniac recidivist. But let me peel back the mask and follow me carefully.

His rise owes much to bribery and deals cuttings with a few corrupt elites. In one sentence, he is a trader and profiteer of our economic crisis, a noble serial dealer, and an idealized conman. I don’t know who thinks for him. But the guy has a repertoire of a man who doesn’t think for himself or allow enlightened persons to guide him. To know him further, just use the likes of Deng as a benchmark to retrodict and predict the composition of his previous and current circle. And I bet: if there is a living cartoon in a human physique, Dr. Akol could be one as much as I am concerned.

His incompetence can’t only be seen in his performances or work outputs, but his ineptness is clearly manifested in his countenance. I am not questioning his academic credentials, but with aura of academic, which in some points defines the cutting edge of thoughts, I am wondering why the good Doctor has never formulated and executed policies on the reforms in Customs Division. Dr. Akol has all the shortcomings of a man out of his deep clowning on a national stage with our populace watching in utter incomprehension and wondering of what could trigger his sacking that he is yet to commit.

To be continued ………………………….


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