Open letter to FVP Dr. Riek Machar TENY

FVP Dr. RIEK Machar test positive for COVID 19FVP Dr. RIEK Machar test positive for COVID 19

By Peace Amb. Khor Gatkuoth Wer


Open letter!: To the chairman and C-IN-C of SPLM/A-IO,  H.E. Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon,  the FVP of the Republic of South Sudan and the former chief of gen staff, 1st Lt gen. Simon Gatwech Dual, chairman and C-IN-C of SPLM/A-IO, Kitguang declaration, Maganis HQRs!

Dear excellence!

This letter may not reach you at all, perhaps may, but due to time it’s very possible that you may not have time to read it well but in case you do so, kindly take the contents into your high consideration for sake of saving the lives left of the orphans, widows and widowers who beloved ones perished during the three (3) phases in the history of our liberation struggle incepted from August 18th, 1955 of Anyanya 1, 1972 of Anyyanya 2, 1983 of SPLM/A, 1991 of SPLM/A-Nasir Declaration, 2013-2018 of South Sudan civil war and currently SPLM/A-IO Kitgwang declaration.


I am writing this letter with a heavy heart, lament, and bitterly discomfort, considering what is currently happening within our popular movement SPLM/A-IO whereby the same brothers who fought hard to end injustice, inequality, and bribery have turned to kill each other.

I am not quite sure if you see what is transpiring now but I wish to let you know that the unfolding situation has the potential to put our beloved community in the fire.


It is with no doubt that you are the two top high-ranking commanders and polite high-ranking SPLM/SPLA-IO and elders of the Nuer community whereby several concerns need you most.

I call upon you to rethink how your people get genuine peace to live in harmony like the rest of The South Sudanese citizens. It will be account on you to denounce violence and find possible ways to salvage the orphanages and the widows from the tragedy of death. It will be count on you to use all necessary mechanisms to bring under control unfold situation within IO.


Your excellence!

I know that you never forget the incident of July 8th, 2016, the dogfight at #J1 where both of you were extracted footage from the forests of DRC for almost 40days. I know that you forgot the 30years of your liberation struggle for independent South Sudan.

1984 up to 2021, all spent in the bushes to ensure that your people get peace. You have stepped ups to liberate this great nation and yet you want to lose weight today.


Your excellence,

You don’t know that when big elephants are fighting, it’s only grasses that will suffer, and that will happen on your watches to kill your people for nothing.

As you have come a long way, struggled for the independence of South Sudan, many heroes and heroines perished and now you want to abash their blood in vain.

The history you have made should be a lot as you had have been a good comradeship over 3oyears of liberation struggle so that would be impossible to break such a strong chain in a just minute.


Your excellence,

The struggle you made has lost our humble souls within the Naath community. I wonder if you forget all those harsh histories.

Then, I would like to remind you that what tears SPLM/A-IO into pieces is your recent disagreement and I know that you know the consequences that it will bring to us. As an ordinary citizen, I appeal to you that peace is all we need to reign in South Sudan.

As you went through the last phase of your liberation struggle, you have been fought hard to ensure that we ascertain our freedom but today people are still dying days and nights over injustice, inequality and yet you don’t believe in yourselves that you are a very people who will end such an injustice in the country.


Your excellence,

It’s the right time where you need peace most and you have to choose either creating war and suffering or peace and stability.


In conclusion, I urge the Naath-Nuer community,  Shilluk Kingdom, Dinka (Jieng), Luo, Murle, Equatorians and South Sudanese as a whole to refrain from hatred and tribalism and to acts as citizens who yearning for permanent peace and seek out forgiveness as sole purpose to live in harmony with one another.

South Sudan needs our collective responsibilities to deter war and accept peace in order to rebuild this great nation.



Khor Gatkuoth Wer

concern South Sudanese youth

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