Olony’s appointment unlikely this year – Senior official

Gen. Johnson Olony saluting during an event/Photo Courtesy

After weeks of anticipation in Juba, Olony failed to arrive to a city he considers unsafe for security and unserious about peace implementation.

Politicians had in the last one and half months in Juba been feeding on the news of Johnson Olony’s arrival in a move that would seals his place in the transitional government. But despite positivity, all turned out negative and Olony is nowhere to be seen.

This has therefore according to sources delayed his appointment as the Upper Nile State’s Governor. But one bold fact that remains is that Olony was rejected by the government.

According to a senior IO official, Gen. Olony’s appointment is being delayed by the government and that is it is unlikely to take place this year.

“Olony’s appointment is unlikely to take place this year despite the state governments being at the moment formed. It is clear that the government is not serious about this issue. The swearing in of the General was supposed to take place last month but due to lack of commitment on Kiir’s side, he is not yet the governor,” he said

Gen. Olony continue to resides in Khartoum as he awaits being read out by the President in order to take up his role as the governor of Upper Nile State under the Transitional Government of the National Unity (R-TGoNU).

Meanwhile, heavy lobbying for commissionership of the counties in Upper Nile is going on despite the State lacking a Governor.


With the National Dialogue proceeding amid criticism, the chances of Upper Nile State seeing its governor this year remain very slim.

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