Oh, my SPLM leaders 

SPLM leaders with Kenya Opposition leader Raila OdingaSPLM leaders with Kenya Opposition leader Raila Odinga

By Latjor Yang Pidor

In my Jinub, I have learned that, a cruel bad leader, although he is your brother or father, uncle or mother, he is not a good relative. He feed you in the expand of others but remember, he is mobilizing your enemies.

Being reach while your fellow citizens are poor in the country side is a thread against your security. Poverty turn brothers into enemies, because the poor hate the rich.

Well I prepare eating little in hand and being secure than eating too much and stay awake.

These is all I have learn in the SPLM leadership in the beginning of 2021.

South Sudan, a country of refugees and former refugees as the majority population, not because we liked being refugees but a lack of choice.

We were happy on 9 July 2011 thinking that SPLM liberated us but we didn’t knew that it is going to enslave and murder us the third year later in 2013. We feel safe in a foreign country than home. We are being intimidated to death if we go back home simply if we try to aired out our opinions basically in the question of our human and political rights.

South Sudanese, the people who are very expert indeed in crossing borders to foreign countries, not because it is their favorite but a lack of choice due to insecurity pressed on them by their leaders.

Walai our young generation in South Sudan knows foreign national anthems more than ours, it is not a question of loving a foreign patriotic song more than ours, but their being in foreign countries force them to do so.

A country that rarely attend a peace but regular civil wars. The liberators promised justice, liberty and prosperity but delivered the opposite.

All they brought us is poverty, tribalism, power struggle, death and being refugees in foreign countries.

The SPLM leaders, their unity loots our resources and their differences kill us.

What a country!

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