Nuer youth in Australia reject countrywide disarmament | Australia

In a letter extended to Ramciel Broadcasting by the chairman of Nuer Youth in Victoria (NYIV) and Nuer Youth Council of Australia, the youth association rejected the disarmament exercise that has been started in Tonj and to be exercised in other parts of the country.

The group cited several reasons that can be see in the letter below:

Accroding to the disarmament committee headed by Gen. Rin Tueny, the process is going well with dozens of arms and ammunition surrendered to the government by the civilians.

Last week, the President asked his deputy, F.V to disarm the Lou Nuer of Jonglei Sate. But as so, people are still skeptical if the process will work in Jonglie prior to heavy insecurity that has engulfed the poor state for decades.

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