Non-violent Youth Groups seek to oust Kiir through peaceful protests

Image: A South Sudanese protesting police brutality during George Floyd protests.

14/06/2020 (JUBA) –the South Sudanese youth across the globe still insist that the resignation of H.E President Salva Kiir Mayardit is for the common good of every citizen. The ‘Kiir Must Go’ slogan is set to be aired out loud in the forth-coming months with massive peaceful protests being launched.

The recent Shirikaat shooting incident and the global uprising of Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement have sparked the calls for president of the Republic of South Sudan to resign. During the recent protests, some South Sudanese youth abroad (U.S.A and Australia) could be seen with banners with written words of ‘Kiir Must Go’, a common slogan sung for the last 5 years by the RED CARD MOVEMENT (RCM). The same case also happened in Juba and Bor town where youth took to the streets chanting the ‘Kiir Must Go’ slogan. The result left one youth dead and several tortured in Bor respectively.

The youth are convinced that this is the only way for change to take place in South Sudan as most have lost faith in the status quo.

“Salva Kiir must go, he has failed the country. People are suffering and there is no hope in the country,” Said a youth leader while airing out campaign on a live video broadcasted on Facebook page of the 20,000 voices, Kiir Must Go.

The RCM leader, Makoi Majak believes that such protests will bring significance changes to the country as change cannot wait.

In the recent years, South Sudan government have been known for counter acting on critics by kidnapping and brutalizing them in the famous BLUE HOUSE (The National Security House in Juba). It has also tackled the protests and criticism issues through its embassies where persons against it regime could be arrested by foreign security agents and sometimes deported and handed over to the government.

The Minister of Information and Broadcasting Corporation, Hon. Michael Makuei Lueth has always hinted that the government does not have tear gas and that the protesters should at all of the times be ready for live bullets. This means that youth might rethink their decision or risk being brutalized and murdered by the government while protesting.

However such scenario, the youth vowed to persist in their calls for the president Salva Kiir to resign with protest to be carried out globally, but Juba being the centre.

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