Nimule Border Empty: No Goods Into South Sudan as Foreign Transporters call for insecurity addressing

The Elegu of Uganda which borders South Sudan’s Nimule is as clear as a crystal. Hundreds of trucks have queued up on the Ugandan’s side and have dodged travelling to South Sudan over insecurity issues.

At the Nimule, no single foreign vehicle transporting goods into South Sudan. This was due to ambushing and lyching of drivers by armed groups along the Nimule Juba Highway and Yei – Juba road.

Both the Uganda and Kenya’s transporters Associations withheld services due to such insecurity and they have called upon the South Sudan government to address the security issues along the roads.

Last week, more than 5 people were killed. Among them are foreign drivers from Kenya. As such was not the first time, but it has happened severally.  Sometimes the travelers are even abducted.

The National Salvation Front (NAS) rebel group movement has been accused of attacking the traders but NAS denied the allegations distancing itself from the ambushing and burning of traders.

The government of South Sudan has according our sources already learnt the matter but not yet responding to it.

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