Nigerians on social media react to Adut Akech – Runtown Relationship

Adut Akech and Nigerian boyfriend Runtown/Photo Courtesy

Nigerians had much to say. But much on ‘colorism’.

A Nigerian popular page has captured the attention of Nigerians who gave their views on Adut Akech and Runtown’s exploded love affair.

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Screenshot of the page’s post

The two’s relationship exploded in the Junubin’s internet world and it was discussed a couple months ago, trending in the South Side’s media houses.


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According to most Nigerians, the two’s love affair is definitely blind. Of course there are a thousand reasons to this but Adut and Runtwon know it much better.

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Screenshot of comments from the same blog

The Nigerian music star is said to have confirmed his relationship with Adut Akech in his twitter handle.

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Screenshot of Twitter

While South Sudanese still decry the ‘lost’ of Adut Akech to the other side of Africa, majority of Nigerians had their own twisted view.

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Adut Akech is a renowned super model from South Sudan (Australia Based) who is listed among the world’s beautiful women.

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