Padang Dinka in Upper Nile State are now demanding an Administrative Area

Map of Northern Upper Nile State 2008 County.Map of Northern Upper Nile State 2008 County.

The call to create more administrative areas in South Sudan has never been better than in 2021. Jieng Padang are now seeking an administrative area, sources told Ramciel on Sunday.

Could this trigger more demand for administrative areas or a return to 32 states? The latest development suggests, more South Sudanese for security purposes want to have their states.

Padang is one of the minor tribes in Upper Nile State bordered Chollo and Nuer. In recent years they have been victimized both politically, economically, and their land is being occupied by their neighboring tribes. Nothing has been done to curb such a problem.

Map of Padang Dinka in Upper Nile states

Map of Padang Dinka in Upper Nile states

Despite sitting on a vast land of natural resources, they are sometimes disregarded as none indigenous. For this very reason, calls are made to settle this situation. No one is listening, their elders said, thus, decided to move with an idea for a separate state.

As the 2013 conflict broke out, Padang were the first victims in Upper Nile state from both Nuer and Chollo, one of the intellectuals member speaking to Ramciel from Australia on Sunday lamented.

A recent social media show live by Daniel Yuot, Wilson Lual, and notable activist of Jieng Rights, Billy Luke calls to defend the Padang Jieng land in the Upper Nile.

As part of Jieng Padang, the community declared war on Eastern Jikany, and their Resolution was following.

1.They demand the Defense Minister Mrs. Angelina Teny, Dr. Machar, and newly appointed Upper Nile State governor to condemn the on-going skirmish in Upper Nile areas which Jieng Padang themselves started.

2. They also demands the government of South Sudan unilaterally declared the creation of Jieng Padang Administrative Areas as soon as possible according to their languages they don’t want to live and share the State with Nuer, Shilluk, and Mabaan people whom they called criminals.

3. They ordered Jieng Padang Youth and their militias to eliminate any Nuer, Shilluk, and Maban in any town located in East Banks of Nile including state Capitol Malakal and Paloch Oil fields.

4. They closed all transportation routes leading to North Sudan both land and River transports.

5. They called on the “JCE” organization to pressure President Kiir to provide arms to local Padang Youth.

Billy in the show live Saturday said “it is time to protect the vulnerable people of Jieng Padang in the Upper Nile region”, quote elaborated.

With Chollo governor recently appointed from the SPLM/A-IO side, hopes to make progress to protect the minority tribes in Upper Nile is unclear.

On Friday last week, White Army from Nasir, Ulang, and Longechuk disposed of several government posts in Malut county, controlling Akoka county, raid Baliet, and many villages in the East Bank of the White Nile.
11 people have been killed and 20 more injuries, SSPDF spokesman said on Friday. The spokesman blames the Armed opposition for the attack.

The Padang community now demands the Defense minister to condemn such action and call the government of South Sudan to “unilaterally declared the creation of Jieng Padang Administrative Areas” as soon as possible threatening to go into full war.

Amid a fragile peace implementation process, such a skirmish could pose a serious threat to security in the state which in turn may make it difficult to control.

Political analysts are now suggesting a “possible return to war” through the Upper Nile is inevitable with Lt Gen. Johnson Olony’s decision awaiting.

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