Newly appointed Nasir commissioner appeals for humanitarian assistance

Hon. Duan Kuon Thian in Nasir County meeting with the elders/PHOTO:SuppliedHon. Duan Kuon Thian in Nasir County meeting with the elders/PHOTO: Supplied

The newly appointed Nasir Commissioner, Hon. Duol Kuon Thian decried the humanitarian situation in Nasir county after thousands of civilians were displaced in recent fighting between government troops and rebels.

Duol in an urgent call for humanitarian assistance, call for immediate intervention from the International NGOs and the local NGOs in the country.

“In response to an unfortunate major incident that happened yesterday in Nasir County which involved the SSPDF and White Army in which elderly, women and children are being displaced to swamp area around Lueth and Jok-yier Wakow I am officially appealing to National and International Humanitarian Agencies to urgently intervene to assist affected community in Greater Koat with foods, medical supplies, and shelters,” Duol wrote on his Facebook timeline.

Government troops stationed in Nasir town, on Sunday fought with White Army backed by unspecified paramilitary troops believe to be associated with Hon. Duer Tut Duir.

On Monday the renewed fighting left several displaced.

Thousands displaced living in the swamps of Nasir County and its surrounding.

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