National Security, MI targeting South Sudan National Police Service personnel

South Sudan National Police Service patrolling the city/PHOTO: CourtesySouth Sudan National Police Service patrolling the city/PHOTO: Courtesy

Juba     -South Sudan National Security Service and Military Intelligence officers are now targeting their counterparts in maintaining law and order, South Sudan National Police Services personnel, a captain in the SSNPS informed Ramciel on Sunday. 

According to the captain who refused to reveal his name due to fear of being targeted, the police are not doing their job anymore because their members are being targeted every night by the MI and NSIS. This has been going on for a while, he said. 

“People think we are not doing our job. They are saying we have failed and let the city have a high crime rate. Well, to your surprise, how can we do our job when the National Security Services, Intelligence Department, and Military Intelligence are out there targeting us at night. They beat out members. Stopped our cars, sent us home, or arrested us. We are powerless.” 

“This is how far the country has no system in place. This is how far the National Security and Military Intelligence are destroying the city,” he added, accusing the most powerful sector of the armed forces in the country. 

The intelligence officers are out there in rampant nuking down any policeman or woman at checkpoints across the city doing their job at night, he alledged. 

“It is the job of policemen to provide security in the city. Every time we set up a checkpoint to fight these people rumoring the capital at night, well, guess what, they come and tell us to close it down and go home saying they are in charge. Until such concerns are addressed we can not take the blame.”

This is the first time any members of the police force came out to accuse the National Security. 

Speaking to a closed contact in the office of the Director-General of National Security via WhatsApp on Sunday, the NSIS denied such an accusation and termed it as nothing but baseless. 

“This is the problem, my friend. Everybody in South Sudan, even those who have nothing to say blame us for. How can we do such a thing? How can National Security target their closed ally in maintaining laws and orders? These allegations are not correct and must be rejected.”

“Look here. We never had any problem with the police. They are the ones running the city. We collaborate in handling things together. We have to solve crimes if they can not. Now, here some of these uninformed policemen are coming to confuse the public. This is very sad and disturbing to learn.”

“I can not comment beyond this,” he added, asking not to mention his name.

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