My message to Dinka Majority who are blindly supporting peace destroyers

president kiir with members of the jce/Photo; Nyamilepediapresident kiir with members of the jce/Photo; Nyamilepedia

By: Juol Nhomngek

We shall all unite as Dinka and being used by few Dinka cliques in power to support their Political agenda but in the end, we shall remain as Dinka of Upper Nile supporting Dinka’ of Bahr El Ghazal to have power and have nothing to show for our support in the end. 

The problem of Upper Nile State is more of a political than General Johnson Olony being the problem. What the Dinka of Apandang should know is that their relationship with other Non-Dinka tribes in Upper Nile State is more important than their relationship with Dinka of Bahr El Ghazal. 

Few individual members of Dinka from Bahr El Ghazal and other areas only use Dinka’ of Apandang and other Dinka in supporting their grip on power without touchable benefits trickling down to them. If I can ask this sort of rethoric question: Who are destroying the environment in oil producing areas in Upper Nile and Part of Unity States ? These are Dinka power brokers and dealers in collaboration with Chinese who have controlled the oil production and other resources of South Sudan.

The same individuals are controlling other minerals. In order to remain in control of resources, those few cliques of Dinka’ power brokers who are also natural resources dealers use the Dinka’ Unity by appealing to the false and shaky of Dinkaism to arouse the Dinka emotions against Dr. Riek and other tribes. Their main purpose for promoting Dinka’ Unity is not for the benefits of all Dinka’ people and other tribes but for their own aim to remain in power and in control of South Sudan and its National resources, which they use as they wish leaving the nation in tatters. 

Majority of Dinka people in reality are being used as a curtain to protect the real agenda of few Dinka individuals behind the government and who are benefitting at the expenses of individual helpless Dinka. To those Dinka members in power, Dinka’ Unity is more important than individual Dinka persons.

We can see this fact vclearly in the case of Mathiang Anyoor and other few individual Dinka’ members who were used to protect the regime led by Dinka and after achieving what they wanted Dinka’ boys in Mathiang Anyoor group, they are left to fend by their own on the streets of Juba.

Thus, the Dinka’ unity is being used as a tool to protect power holders and to destroy the individuals Dinka Nationalists who are seen as being against the Dinka vunity. Those individual Dinka Nationalists who are seen as dissenting against mismanagement of the country by Dinka leaders where tribalism keep on flourishing are loothed by Dinka power holders.

In actual sense, what is holding us back from achieving true peace in South Sudan is the fear by few powerful Dinka individuals who are using all Dinka people to advance their own agenda of maintaining power and controlling resources by using all means whether crooks or fair. 

The only way of achieving everlasting peace in Upper Nile State and in South Sudan in general is for Dinka majority to realize that South Sudan is a country where all citizens co-exist as one people in the areas where they are located and for them to avoid imaginary tribal boundary and bridge, which they illusively forge against Non-Dinka tribes in their Neighborhood.

Dinka imagined neighborhood and unity are more of trouble in the country than Dinka co-existence with other tribes. . Dinka Apandang should understand that Nuer and Chollo of Upper Nile are their best allies compare to their distance Dinka relatives in Bahr El Ghazal who only support them in fighting against their imagined tribal enemies.

It is important that they realize earlier to come together as people of Upper Nile to determine their own destiny irrespective of tribes than being used as tools to destroy the Unity of Upper Nile. South Sudan is one country in which one tribe will never ever control the nation without being resisted by another tribes. 

Upper Nile State is not the area occupied by Apandang people only but it is a vast area occupied by Dinka Apandang and other tribes. This means that when it comes to how Upper Nile should be managed it is the sole responsibility of the people of Upper Nile State to decide without the power holders from Bahr El Ghazal interfering in the process of achieving consensus among the people of Upper Nile State.

One thing is clear, Upper Nile State will never be at peace unless the people there find a way how to co-exist without appealing for support from their distance relatives. My message to Dinka Majority being used to destroy the country is that let us not use the unity to destroy the peace of South Sudan rather we must use it to support or even create peace if it is not there

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