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01/07/2020,(RB) — I didn’t love him! I only married him because of wealth. He came from abroad. (USA), He never looked young though. He was just my father’s agemate. To make my interest in him more. He was a pastor. Imagine! He was forever never going to take a second wife. I was going to be his only and only one. Wow! I was the only luckiest person amongst my classmates.

I had to quit my education without any one of my family members forcing me to. My parents and uncles were so glad. They were happy. Herds of cattle and dollars were knocking their doors so soon. I felt so high. This was because I was soon going to leave this nasty town for Kampala. A city that I had been hearing about. All I wanted was my marriage to be conducted as soon as possible. I feared he might change his mind for any other girl with in the town.

I took the initiative to phone call my dad who was in the village to come very fast for his dowry. My father responded quickly and took his move to town. When my marriage was done. I was handed over to my matrimony family. My husband took me out for shopping. Boutique dresses were bought for me, high class heels which i didn’t know how to wear properly. I rarely bought them when I was a girl due to them being too expensive for me to afford. But I said to myself , I must learn how to wear them.

My dollar boy ( hubby ) didn’t stop there. He surprised me with a brand new I phone 11, an iPad, written on them “made in USA” together with golden jewelries. Oh My!!!!!. That day was as if God had given me a ticket to heaven. I was only rejoicing in my room. I now introduced myself to Facebook world, which I hadn’t joined before due to lack of smart phone. I met new friends there, I was only interested in accepting friend requests for cute gents. I didn’t give my phone and Facebook password to my husband. He didn’t bother asking me as he claimed to be trusting me thou.

I now grew more beautiful than before, posting on Facebook my photos and chatting with friends I didn’t even know in real life was my daily activity. My aim on Facebook was making sure I got many likes and comments too. I felt horrible and angered when my old husband commented on my pics ” you look so beautiful my wife, the one and only one” His comment always made some cuter guys than him withdraw their applications to me in my inbox. Luckily enough, I could inbox them not to bother themselves. That was just a comment, am a pure girl. Not married. My beauty and young face supported my statement of being a girl.

I stopped attending church services. He loved moving with me to church making me to stand in front of all the congregation as his introducing me as his wife. I didn’t like it. I loved going out for evening walks and dinner but not with him. I preferred he gives me money and we go for outing with either his cousin brothers or sisters. His not a man of my type to chill with him outside. I never loved him but his money. Bitter I felt when it came to taking pics with him. He wore a t.shirt inside as his vest then putting a long sleeved shirt afterwards and suit jacket last. Moreover not fitting. He wore indeed like a old school. I loved him being in tight jeans and swagg clothes which he rejected.

Frustrated I felt, but nothing to do, ” money can talk” Time for his return came. In my heart, I was ever singing praising songs because I wanted him to leave sooner but outside look, I felt lonely telling him I would miss his presence dearly. Hmmmmm! I and him quickly took our flights to Kampala as I was escorting him to Entebbe Airport. We stayed in a hotel within Entebbe beach for one week before his flight. The environment was too jovial and epic for one to stay in longer.

He finally left and I remained at his aunt’s home within Kampala so as to get quick access to medication since I didn’t conceive thou we stayed together for three months. Aleluyah! I was finally completely free. The ugly old man had left for a while. I suddenly became the minister of Information in the house of my husband’s aunt. I informed them about any upcoming concert to be held. I became a party animal. I attended all parties at Millennium Chambers and Wonder World whether they are for artists or cultural based. I could come back home at around past midnight.

Girls fashion clothes were what I dressed in so as to get applications from cute young gents at the party who were more over schooling. I immediately granted them my number after them asking me my name. I disclosed to them my marital status when we met for the first time but could tell them the truth after a month in a relationship with them. But my boyfriends didn’t decline afterwards. We just continued smoothly. My husband could send enough money to me but I made sure I gave a half of it to my boyfriend.

When my husband awares me of him sending me money, I would phone call my boyfriend and we go and withdraw it together. Take lunch together and gave him transport and money to use at school. I ignored my husband’s messages on Facebook even if am active but only texted him when am in need of dollars. Thank God, he never one day ever complained of me over spending money or even him telling me his broke. He would go and borrow his friends if his account was empty so as to come and please me.

I spent all the money he had, my husband had no money for educating his young brothers and cousins back home. They had to drop out. He didn’t even sent my mom any money because all his dollars were flowing into me and my boyfriend. I didn’t mind about the financial being of my siblings either. All I thought was me and my boyfriend. It reached a time I began showing pregnancy signs. I hated all the children of my husband’s aunt, vomiting was too much. I felt rise in body temperature. I had to go to the hospital for check up. The results came out indicating that am three weeks pregnant. Guess whose baby. ( For my boyfriend). I informed my boyfriend about it. He told me his education would stop if his uncle had about it. He instead advised me to abort which I refused.

The pregnancy signs weren’t stopping.My husband’s aunt came to know about it, I was finally in danger. My husband’s aunt couldn’t hide my reputation in front of my hubby any more but instead revealed all my evil deeds I was doing including the pregnancy. After 24 hours, My husband was already in Kampala. Thou his a pastor, he kicked me out of the house. I had to pack all my belongings and headed to my boyfriend’s hostel. He also chased me. I was just left heart broken into pieces. I had no any other option but to board a bus back home. All my family were angered, my grandparents cursed me. I was now an enemy to everyone at home.

My friends and classmates whom I was showing off in their eyes are now laughing at me. I no longer wear smartly. Am hopeless and helpless. My eyes glistening with tears all day long. Am just a bread winner no more dollars.

                                      ANYIETH  MAYEN
                                 (THE  AFRICAN LADY )

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