My beloved country, the land of abundant wonders


By Pesuec Arok

Acting Spokesperson, SMASS, Malunguaic Branch

For the last five days, netizens filled the media fraternity criticizing two items, namely; the printing of 1000 ssp note by Governor of Central Bank and an examination from the University of Juba, Department of Geography. It is these two items that I wanted to add my nose in.

As my daily routine of taking faransawi in Hai Thoura after work, I sat in my usual place but decided to call my sweetheart to find out her wellbeing for the day. I reached out a phone call and her voice sounded so heavy. I became so inquisitive to what might have gone wrong with her.

I asked calmly” what is wrong today sweetheart”?

She replied in local language which is translated as” I am not happy with Dier Tong, the Governor of Central Bank for printing 1000 ssp note”.

I almost jumped up. How can someone who dropped out from P2 ten years ago blame the governor of Central Bank over monetary policies? My sweetheart only knows how to cook kombo samak and how to prepare Shia saada be dhemdhebil. With that level of Education, one really wonders what made her to comment on such sophisticated issues which can only be handled by great Economists such as Prof. Marial Awou , Mapak Maker and Akec Ronaldo.

I took a deep breath and thought how to cool down her anger. I told her ” don’t worry sweetheart. You will be the first girl in Gudele 1 to receive the new currency and I will take you to Achai Wiir’s boutique along Tumbura road to plait your hair” as I am struggling to resign from Stingy Men Association of South Sudan (SMASS), an Association formed recently by Gibson Kot, Malek Makur and Majok Gong Lueth with its headquarters in Guti.

The news felt on her ears as if I announced the coming of Jesus on Sunday and she said to me ” thank you sweetheart” more than ten times in less than one minute. You can imagine the power of money in any relationship.

We concluded our conversation while she was pouring alot of praises to Dier Tong for printing affordable 1000 ssp note while I was listening with my mouth open and wondering.

After my communication, I saw an artificial brown girl infront of me with her long pot of shisa. She was smoking shisa in a beautiful style where her bleached face with a long circular ring on her nose could not be seen properly except the mountainous boob inscribed on it a scorpion tattoo as a symbol of heroism ( if you know, you know).

She said, “exams ta Jama Juba de shiäl cediid. zol bakdar ligo tisayiin”. Literally, This University of Juba examination is very simple. One can get 90%”. I squinted my eyes through the thick smoke on her face and recognized her as one of the slays operating in Hai Thoura since Independence of this country. She had never passed through school compound leave alone sitting in the class. But what made her think she could pass University examinations with 90% left me astonished.

As if that wasn’t enough, another Cattle Keeper who sat beside her interjected, “kalamak shä ya okti. Exams ta Jama Juba de shiäl adil. Zol bakdar ligo aktar mën Mia”. Meaning, “you are right my sister. University of Juba examination is very cheap. One can get more than 100%”.

My blood frozen here and I opened my eyes and ears wide to listen and watch these wonders.

The girl felt comfortable to have received the secondment to her idea but the intention of that cattle keeper was to please the lady inorder to win the extension of shisa’s wire as it is a norm in its constitution. It must be shared by many people despite the danger of Corona virus.

The man seemed like a Primary School dropped out from Lakes state before he joined “Cattle Raiding Industry” but relocated to Juba for safety as he is fearing Governor makur Kulang crackdown on criminals. What made him to pass the University examinations more than 100% is still confusing me up to date. His wisdom of supporting the idea of slay queen made him to smoke shisa free of charge. The slays only adore those who don’t oppose their suggestions even though they are on a wrong path. They can sometimes offer a “night jump” for free to such individuals.

I felt uncomfortable and resorted to Facebook browsing to reduce my stress. I also found comments from those who had not made it to top 20 in their academic’s life describing the University examinations as simple synonymous to P5 Social Studies examinations. I left the place shamelessly while circulating these wonders in my head.

Although tough examination is not a measure of good education, there is a positive aspect that can be drawn from this mass criticism of University of Juba examinations. The numbering and the nature of some questions in that Geography examination don’t deserve to be included. It will give chance to Academics Registrar to order all the Heads of Departments to scrutinize and revise examinations before the candidates sit for it to avoid another embarrassment in future. Remember, Europe and America have simplest examinations compared to Africa but still this continent gets vaccines from the West. University of Juba is the mirror in this country and any slight mistake can easily be magnified by haters to fit their empty ego.

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