My African Mama, your black skin is your beauty and African cultures are your strength

An Africa woman looks stunning in a beautiful Africa garmentAn Africa woman looks stunning in a beautiful Africa garment

Opinion by: Yien W. Mayuak

My African mother, sister, daughter, and wife, you are the sign of beauty and strength, and the whole world knows that, I mean the same world that is forcing you to be ugly and weak. This modern world is influencing you negatively mama, this world is pessimistically inculcating to you that with your black skin, you are not beautiful and with your African cultures you are remaining backward.

Mama, this world is doing that because it fears you and because they know that the strength of the society is woman, taking you away from the originality is detaching the whole continent from the originality which incurs the susceptibility of the whole continent to the encroachment by the colonizers, I mean the neo-colonizers.

My black mama, the colonizers know that you are the center of the African power because you give birth to strong warriors; you teach them the African history of bravery and hence, the only thing they intend to do to make the whole continent gullible is to detach you from African cultures so that your children will grow up without knowing their cultures and who the enemy of the continent is.

Black mother, you are strong and beautiful but the Western world is indirectly putting pressure on you. The western world is forcing you to hate how God created you to be and in this case, you engage in shaping yourself differently through skin bleaching which affects your beautiful skin and make you ugly with black spots on fragile-looking bleached skin.

Before this globalization which is making you very weak my African mama, you used to be the power of the society. In the family, you used to eat only when anyone in the family is eaten and during the period of starvation, you used to be very strong and act like everything is fine to make the whole family strong.

But today mama, things change, you are first to eat in the family whether the food is enough or not without caring about the rest of the family while in African culture, the whole family depends on you. The Western world is deteriorating Africa by weakening you black mama because your weakness is the weakness of the whole continent. My black mama, this piece of article serves as my advice to you so that you may think about restoring your strength and confidence so that you can be able to resist the influencing modalities of the Western world whose purpose is to make you and the whole continent susceptible.

African cultures are at the risk of extinction black mama

This modern world which is operated by white people is putting you in a quandary African mama. Cultures of the white people are mistakenly being considered as the modern cultures and African cultures are being considered as the old cultures. The speed of abolishing the African cultures for the white cultures is very fast toward you Black Mama.

You are more susceptible to white cultures mama than your fellow sons, brothers, fathers, grandfathers, and husbands and hence the Western world is affecting African cultures through you.

Through religions, the white people introduced their cultures as the religious cultures and this makes you think that African cultures are not going together with your belief leading you to abandon your own cultures which is indeed the paradox, the paradox of colonizers. It is very funny to see the African cultures being at risk of extinction simply because they are considered old and futile cultures while in reality, they are the most important cultures to mankind.

Black mama, the modern world is forcing you to live selfishly like a white person abandoning the social life of Africans full of love. The modern world is forcing you to hate people; this world African Mama is forcing you to love only your husband. As a matter of fact, this modern world has traumatized you, mama.

The black woman we used to know is nowhere to be found in the cities. The African women in cities behave like lazy white women, they don’t want to live with anyone apart from their husbands and kids while in African villages, an African woman could take care of about thirty people among whom would include brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, mothers-in-law, and fathers-in-law.

Where is love when people don’t live together, where is love when the young don’t take care of the old?

My African mama, you used to be strong, African men get support from you but now you are very weak because you abandoned your cultures which makes you very strong. You used to empower African men by being behind them both at good and bad times, but now things have changed; you no longer consider the support you can give to African men. What is in your mind now is happiness; what you have only been saying is that I need a man who can make me happy.

Happiness to you is living selfishly like a white woman and what you need is to be treated like a child. You demand men to impress you with useless words like honey, baby, and so forth, an ignominious ideology you only adapted from white people.

The Africans’ love is the real love. An African man can love all his in-laws, he can treat his sister-in-law as his own sister and his brother-in-law as his own brother, the same is true for African women in traditional African families. That is the real love and the love that God likes but Africans are being taken away from what God likes to what God doesn’t like.

The love of sex and kiss without loving the parents of your lover is not a true love

The best description of love that tells you to forget about the people who brought you up, I mean your parents for the love of your life as the white people call it, is “the love of sex and kiss.” That is the love of white people where a wife doesn’t bother about knowing her brothers and sisters-in-law, the same is true for the husband as well. In African traditional families, sex and kiss are not the big deal in love.

A wife proves her love to her husband by respecting him and loving his parents while the husband proves his love to his wife by respecting her and taking care of her. The love of a wife and husband in traditional African families is always kept secret between the husband and wife. In contrast, white people consider kissing as a sign of love, they don’t care about either of their parents and this life is what Africans living in cities have been adapting to.

The woman behaves like a child; she becomes happy only when impressed with childish words like honey, baby, sweetie, and so forth.

My African mama, you are being manipulated and you are no longer the strong woman the world used to know. A white woman could call her husband “my everything” and she also expects her husband to call her the same way. This phrase; “my everything” is telling each of the partners that forget about your father, mother, brothers, sisters, or any of your family members and love only your husband or wife.

My Black Mama, white people need you to be such a useless human being by perplexing you that it is the modern way of life while it is their way of life.

My Black Mama, with such an influence, you expect African man to be romantic to you like the white men do to their wives while African men are overloaded with duties to fulfill, a patriotic African man cannot spend a day without thinking about his continent Africa that has been made by the white people as the playground where they take resources to build their continents.

On the other hand, the white man has no hardship to face or struggle to think about because they live in luxury. Their ancestors enslaved our ancestors and looted enough of the Africans’ resources which they used to build the luxurious cities they are living in now.

How can African men be able to deal with such a minor issue called romance when the continent is bleeding day and night? My black mama, the only love that the African man can show you is for him to make Africa a better place for you, your children, and your grandchildren to live in.

My African mama, the enemy is using you to destroy Africa; they use you to manipulate the whole continent so that none of the African sons and daughters will think about ameliorating Africa. Mama wakes up, restore your cultures and dignity. Resist the white people’s influences of perplexing you with their disguised cultures as the modern cultures.

My black mama, you are not jealous but the white people influenced you to be

My African mama, polygamy in African cultures is not a crime but now you are no longer happy seeing your husband marries another woman. White people have difficulties in handling the lives of two wives or more due to the jealousy of their women but this should not be adopted by the Africans because you are not jealous as a white woman black mama.

Polygamy is common to mankind even to the white people themselves before they abandoned it due to the lesson they learned from it. When we were kids, elders would tell us about the story of a pilot who traveled in a plane with his two wives, and what happened in their flight was said to be the cause of the extinction of polygamy in the white community.

It was said that before their flight began, the pilot divided the benzene among his two wives and when they traveled farther, the plane ran out of benzene. The pilot informed each of his wives to give him the benzene but each wife would say that why don’t you take it from your other wife. The pilot continued telling his wives to give him the benzene but neither of them agreed to give her benzene to their husband while the situation of the plan was getting critical.

When the pilot realized that neither of his wives would agree to give her benzene first, he wrote a note to his white people before the plane crash saying that “if you want to live, marry one wife and if you want to die to marry more than one wife.” The elders told us that the event was the beginning of the extinction of polygamy in the white community and as a result, marrying only one wife became a tradition in the white community.

Whether it is a myth or not, one can realize that the story is not far from being true or the rationale for the white people to abandon polygamy, common sense can tell you that.

When the white people felt civilized and superior, they intended to Europeanize and Americanize other nations particularly the black people by perplexing them that the concealed cultures of the white people are the modern cultures forcing people to abandon their cultures using inglorious modalities among which was the religion, missionaries indeed played their role in proselytizing Africans.

My African Mama, that is what triggered the white people to abandon polygamy and when they came to Africa black mama, they told Africans that polygamy and modernity are contradictory and hence gullible Africans became convinced and abandoned a life of love where a man rotates from one wife to another showing them equal love.

In traditional African families, the co-wives live together amicably, they help each other. Their children live together as brothers and sisters and they don’t consider the fact that they are from different mothers. I have enough experience of this because my father is a polygamist. Being the firstborn in my family while my mother is the first wife to my father, I grew up with responsibilities inflicted on me by my father.

My behavior in the family made me belong to anyone in the family and when my father realized that I treated everyone in the family with fairness, he would include me in the family discussions as young as the age of 15. I treated all my siblings fairly regardless of being from the same mother or not.

This is what is happening in every traditional African family and with this in mind black mama; polygamy is an African tradition that should not be relinquished.

Black is beautiful and everyone knows that

It is predominantly obvious that black skin is original and beautiful. The beauty of the black skin was the provenance of jealousy of the white people to the extent of manufacturing skin bleaching creams so that black skin can no longer look beautiful and healthy. Black skin is rich in melanin hormone which protects the skin from harmful light rays and substances like microbes.

Considering the advantages of black skin like these, the white people intended to establish the skin bleaching cream manufacturing companies whose purpose is to deteriorate the beautiful black skin. The intention of the white people was not to target only females, intended to target all black males and females, but the susceptibility of the black females made them the target.

My black mama, there is nothing that is on the white skin that is not on the black skin while there is something on the black skin that is not on the white skin; the melanin hormone of course. Black mama, you are blessed with smooth melanin which the white people are forcing you to hate to abolish.

African Mama, I don’t see the reason why you bleach your skin because every patriotic and sound-minded black man loves your beautiful black skin. Such a man cannot be enticed by the fragile-looking and susceptible bleached skin. The blame would be on the sound-minded black men if they abandoned you for white ladies and therefore, your enthusiasm for skin bleaching would be reasonable that you needed your black men back enticed by the bright skin of white ladies.

But because the black men are still in love with your smooth and shining black skin dearly, you are to be blamed for deteriorating your natural and original black skin.

Apart from the deterioration of skin health, skin bleaching is an embarrassment to black people. It is annoying to the black people and it escalates the superiority of the white people by thinking that black people are ashamed of how God created them. My African mama, people realized that you bleach your skin not only to look beautiful but also to get rid of your Africanism because if you bleached your skin only for the sake of looking beautiful, you would not bleach the skin of your children black mama. I have witnessed that a woman who bleaches her skin bleaches the skin of her children.

A woman does that because she needs people to think that the way her skin looks after bleaching is natural that her kids inherited from her. Because without bleaching the skin of her children, the children will look too dark compared to her and it will be obvious that she bleached her skin.


My African Mama, this piece of article is not to insult you, but I am writing it because I care for you. I know that you are the power of Africa and with you spoiled, is the whole continent spoiled which is the interest of the Europeans and the Americans. My black mama, think of getting your culture back and be strong again. The whole continent needs your support mama; the continent needs you to teach your children about stories of their forefathers.

The children need to know that their forefathers were strong so that they should be strong like their ancestors. They also need to know that their ancestors were enslaved and who the slave masters were and that the slave masters are not gone yet. The children need to know that the slave masters are here with us camouflaging through different modalities like religions and humanitarian aids which comes only when they turn brother against brother to perplex the refugees that they care for them so that the enslavement will continue.

My African mama, if there is something good for the world to adapt to, it should be African cultures. I want to tell you that the white people are wicked because if they are not wicked, they would not enslave Africans.

There is no love among white people because if there is love among white people, a woman would live together with her brother’s in-law, sister’s in-law, mother-in-law, and father-in-law, but this is not happening. The white family is very narrow; it consists only of a man, a woman, and their kids.

Father and mother who are old will take care of themselves and it is none of the spouse’s business whether they are starving or not. Black mama, this wicked culture is something that you should not adapt but you should keep your beautiful cultures for the world to watch and if there need be the world can adopt.

The author is a Pan Africanist and African culture activist who can be reached via his emails at or


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